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I was asked to make up the questions for Quizzo at my local bar. I figured it wouldn’t be too hard, and that the internet would have a site that had pre made questions, and categories. It didn’t. While there are a few sites that will give you random questions, none offered up categories, and frankly some of the questions sucked. After doing it for a few months I figured I would share my questions on the web. Each week I make up roughly 10 questions, with 4 different categories. I live in Philadelphia so some of the questions are regarding Philly, and some of the categories (primarily the “this week in history”) are time sensitive. Other than that though most of the questions can be used at any bar. I also include a “Final Jeopardy” question. I like to tabulate all the teams scores and then have teams wager their points on one final question. Just like in Jeopardy the teams have 25 seconds to answer the question. This helps cut back on cheaters winning, and also keeps every team in it until the very end, which keeps teams at the bar spending money.  I’ll update the site just about every week around Monday, or Tuesday. Wednesday at the latest


Any questions feel free to email me at pj_egan@knights.Neumann.edu

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5 comments on “About Me

  1. Hi! I have been hosting in Philly since 2000, most recently having started at Howl at the Moon on 15th St (Tuesdays at 7:30). Do you know of any sites where I can list my game night to generate word of mouth? Thanks!

  2. Hi,
    I have a couple of email and websites, maybe you can figure out what they are.
    I think your trivia site is great. I have my own trivia company. It’s so hard to come up with new questions every week. We spend days and pay writers allot of money each week to write them. It takes so long to write good questions every week. It would make it really easy if we could steal them from another company because we’re too stupid to come up with trivia questions on our own. It takes allot of creativity that you apparently don’t have. I hope you are making allot of money with ads and getting for donations for your site. Try to come up with your own questions for one week. I would be so impressed. You can’t. I am OK with people like you because no one can control new content in this business, however, I truly believe what comes around, goes around. It’s funny how you have to ask people to send money to keep this site going. Go beg for donations for people that have been homeless from the hurricane in Puerto Rico (It must take so much money to keep this site going) Something other than this. I can tell that you are very smart and know how to make a site that people enjoy going to.
    I love the way Quizzo makes so many families and friends get together to forget about all the stress they have in real life for a short couple hours every week. What you do, We have no control over (Except to get rid of the piece of shit people that only play so they can get questions for you). I know you don’t have to, but try to come up with your own questions. Maybe steal them from someone else. Please stop sending people to our shows. I Hope everything keeps going good and nothing bad happens. Good Luck…..

    • 1) I make no money from this site. The ads are all from WordPress. I don’t see a dime from them.

      2) I haven’t sent anyone “to your shows” because I don’t market this site at all. I have no clue who you are. This site is a way for me to keep track of the questions I use each week so I don’t have to come up with new questions every single week for the last 3 years.

      3) I love getting subtle threats….about trivia questions

      Hey, god bless!

    • Wait, I think I might have figured out that you’re actually implying I send spy’s out to your shows to write down the questions and report back to me so I can put them on this website. HAHAHAAHAHAHAH dude, I’m one guy who works 40+ hours a week, 6 days a week. I make less than 25K a year and definitely am not sending out spy’s to “steal” your questions.

      I’ve taken questions from Sporcle, & Jetpunk.com 90% are my own. Hahahahaha and you’re threatening me over trivia questions hahahhaa

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