Random Trivia


  1. The 2000 Olympics were held where? Sydney
  2. Sony released this popular gaming system. PlayStation 2
  3. Who were the 2 candidates for president representing the Democrats and Republicans. Al Gore and George Bush
  4. This pro wrestler decided to use the Y2K scare to his advantage, giving himself the nickname Y2J. Chris Jericho
  5. Richard Hatch won the first season of this game changing show. Survivor
  6. Donald Trumps BFF was elected president of Russia. Vladimir Putin
  7. This Phillies took this player 15th overall in the MLB draft. One of the best moves in franchise history. Chase Utley
  8. After a custody battle, this young child was returned to Cuba and his father. Elian Gonzalez
  9. The highest grossing film in 2000 was this Tom Cruise sequel. Mission Impossible 2
  10. The greatest boy band ever released their second album in 2000. What was it called? No strings attached by Nsync

TIE BREAKER: How much money did Mission Impossible 2 make in its opening weekend in Australia? $9,086,763

Two Letters (what’s the answer)

  1. A Physicians degree. MD
  2. A truckers radio. CB
  3. Carson Wentz. QB
  4. ___ and Behold. Lo
  5. Déjà __ VU
  6. A Spaniards yes. Si
  7. Stereotypical ending for ever Canadian sentence. Eh
  8. He phoned home. E.T.
  9. Opposite of a Mac computer. PC
  10. When the dinosaurs were around. BC

TIE BREAKER: What’s the population of Alberta Canada. 4.16 million

New England or Atlanta

  1. The 96 Summer Olympics were held here. Atlanta
  2. George W Bush was born here. New England (Connecticut)
  3. Stadium is sponsored by Gillette Razor company. New England
  4. This teams QB was drafted 3rd Atlanta
  5. This teams QB was drafted 199 overall. New England
  6. Donald Glover has a show based I this area. Alanta
  7. The 2006 Oscar winning movie the Departed was set here. New England
  8. Been accused of taping opponents practices. New England
  9. Been accused of pumping crowd noise into its stadium. Atlanta
  10. CNN Headquartered here. Atlanta

TIE BREAKER. How many passing yards does Tom Brady have in his playoff career?  8628

Random Trivia

  1. What is Diazepam? Valium
  2. Who hosts Jeopardy? Alex Trebek
  3. Which one of these teams is not one of the NHL’s origins 6. Chicago Blackhawks, Ottawa Senators, Toronto Maple leafs. Senators
  4. What nickname is given to Ohio State’s football stadium? The horseshoe
  5. What new HBO show is about Jude Law becoming pope. A bad ass pope. The Young Pope
  6. What was the name of Stephanie Tanners best friend in full house? Jimmy GIbbler
  7. In the little mermaid what was the name of the guy Arielle was crushing on? Prince Eric
  8. What’s the #1 movie in America right now? Split
  9. Uncle penny bags is the mascot for which board game? Monopoly
  10. The Notebook was based on a book by what writer? Nicholas Sparks

Alternative Facts

  1. Titanic sunk in 1914 Alternative Fact
  2. Posch Spice married David Beckham. Fact
  3. Milli Vanilli won the Grammy in 1990 for best new artist. Fact
  4. Regina George’s Dad invented toaster strudels. Alternative fact
  5. Sixers have 16 wins. Fact
  6. Current Bachelor is named Juan. Alternative fact
  7. Zachary Tyler was the 12th president of the United States. Fact
  8. New Ed Sheeran album is called divide. Fact
  9. Only character to appear in all the fast & the furious movies was Paul Walkers character Brian O’Connor. False
  10. I’m 5’4. And am likely done growing. Alternative fact.Tie Breaker: How much did mean girls make in its opening weekend in the US? $24,432,195

Random Trivia

  1. 1.      What state in the United States is coffee grown? Hawaii
  2. 2.      In home alone, what animal did Buzz keep as a pet. A tarantula
  3. 3.      What German city hosted the 1972 Olympic games? Munich
  4. 4.      What was the second plague of Egypt? Frogs
  5. 5.      Budapest is the capital of what country? Hungary
  6. 6.      What is the chemical symbol for copper? Cu
  7. 7.      Who wears #21 for the Philadelphia 76ers? Joel Embiid
  8. 8.      Bugs Bunny played basketball with what NBA star in the movie space jam? Michael Jordan
  9. 9.      Calamari is what animal? Squid
  10. What year did the TV show Friends end? 2004

Jim Carrey Grant

1.      Sings inarguably the greatest Christmas song of all time and had a performance to remember at New Years Eve a few weeks ago. Mariah Carey

2.      Was the 18th president of the United States of America. Ulysses S Grant

3.      Sarah Jessica Parker’s character in the HBO show Sex and the city. Carrie Bradshaw

4.      Was the 3rd overall pick in the 1994 NBA draft out of Duke University. Grant Hill

5.      His big break was playing Jesus in the movie Passion of the Christ. Jim Caviezal

6.      Recently passed away, she gave every nerd their first fantasy. Carrie Fisher

7.      His brother is more famous, but that didn’t stop him from starring in his own show from 2001-2009 called life according to jim. Jim Belushi

8.      Got arrested in 1995 with hooker Devine Brown of sunset boulevard. Hugh Grant

9.      When he was on hard times this actor had no food, no job and his pets heads were falling off. Jim Carrey

10.  This actor won an honorary Academy Award in 1970. Died in 1986 and is credited with appearing in 76 roles. Cary Grant

TIE BREAKER: How many offensive rebounds did Grant Hill have in his career? 1176

Random Trivia

  1. What is the name of both a state in the US and a country in Europe? Georgia
  2. What does a cardiologist specialize in? The heart
  3. Who was the villain in Nightmare on Elm Street? Freddy Kruger
  4. What was the worlds largest social network in 2006? Myspace
  5. What company purchased the rights to Star Wars in 2012? Disney
  6. Kofi Annan led what national organization? The United Nations
  7. What is the capital of Missouri? Jefferson City
  8. Flo sells insurance for what insurance company? Progressive
  9. Where were the last Winter Olympics held? Sochi
  10. Who is on the $2 bill? Thomas Jefferson


  1. The boyfriend of Pocahontas recorded the first description of what would be Baltimore in 1608. What was his name? John Smith
  2. The Baltimore Ravens were once what NFL franchise? Cleveland Browns
  3. The greatest homosexual gangster that TV has ever seen was on the Wire which was set in Baltimore. What was his name? Omar
  4. Noted neurosurgeon from John Hopkins he attempted to run for president on the republican ticket this year but failed to get the nomination. Ben Carson
  5. This Baltimore author, known for such works as “the hunt for red October” might be better known for his video game series. Tom Clancy
  6. This Baltimore actress burst onto the scene with the Scary Movie series. She had starring roles in the House Bunny and What’s your number but she might be most famous for being married to Chris Pratt. Anna Farris
  7. Did the city of Baltimore ever win a grey cup? Which is given to the winner of the Canadian football league? Yes
  8. Duff Goldman is a baker who has his shop set up in Baltimore. His cakes are featured on what Food network show? Ace of Cakes
  9. This Baltimore actor learned that the first rule of fight club was not to talk about fight club. Edward Norton
  10. Ravens QB Joe Flacco went to which college that isn’t too far away. Delaware

TIE BREAKER: How many passing yards did Joe Flacco have in his first 3 years in the NFL? 10,206

Random Trivia

  1. What two colors do you mix together to get purple? Red and Blue
  2. How many games in a row have the Flyers won? 9
  3. What is the first word of the text to the US constitution? We
  4. What planet was Superman born on? Krypton
  5. In “the farmer and the dell” who stands alone? The Cheese
  6. What prominent facial feature is hello kitty missing? Her mouth
  7. What US State would you find Fort McHenry? Maryland
  8. What is Austin Powers middle name? Danger
  9. What is the name of the new star wars movie? Rogue One
  10. When standing in sunlight what vitamin does your body absorb? D


  1. Businessman Jim Koch would like you to believe he is from Boston, and while his beer is named after a revolutionary founding father, Koch is from Cincinnati. What is the beer? Samuel Adams
  2. What former president was from Cincinnati? Williams Howard Taft, George Washington, Grover Cleveland. William Howard Taft
  3. Ray Combs was from Cincinnati and the original host of the show “Family Feud”. Who is the current host? Steve Harvey
  4.  Ken Anderson is #1 for career passing yards with the Bengals. Who is second? Boomer Esiason
  5. This 90’s boy band was from Cincinnati and led by two brothers. 98 Degrees
  6. This Cincinnati born former Philadelphia Phillies had a no hitter on fathers day. Who is it. Jim Bunning
  7. This movie, set in Cincinnati, featured Ryan Gosling running a presidential campaign for George Clooney. Ideas of March
  8. This world famous director put fear into every ocean swimmer, found the arc of the covenant, and saved Private Ryan. Steven Spielberg
  9. Is Cincinnati the state capital of Ohio? No. Its Columbus
  10. Nicknamed “The Kid” this 90’S homerun hitter returned to play for his hometown Cincinnati Reds and hit 210 HRs with the Reds. Ken Griffey Jr.

TIE BREAKER: How many INTs did Boomer Eisiason throw with the Bengals. 131

Random Trivia

  1. What was the name of the middle tanner daughter in “Full House”? Stephanie
  2. Which is the westernmost state in the US? Alaska
  3. What is Charlie’s last name in Roald Dahl’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” Bucket
  4. Which country were the 1988 Winter Olympics held in? Same Olympics that saw a Jamaican bobsled team. Canada
  5. Which fictional park is the home of Yogi Bear? Jellystone
  6. What actress played Samantha Jones on the TV show “Sex and the City” Kim Cattrall
  7. Facebook was first limited to students at what university? Harvard
  8. When Forrest Gump was in the army, what sport was he good at? Ping Pong
  9. What famous author wrote “Great Expectations”? Charles Dickens
  10. What US State was Jesse Ventura the governor of? Minnesota


  1. Minnesota is known for the twin cities. Which two cities are the twin cities? Minneapolis & St. Paul
  2. This Minnesota senator lost to Ronald Reagen in the presidential race in 1984. Walter Mondale
  3. In the movie Little Big League what was the name of the 12 year old manager who took over the Minnesota Twins and almost won the pennant with them. Billy Haywood
  4. This Minnesota born actress burst onto the scene as the hot preachers daughter on 7th Heaven until going into a movie character and marrying Justin Timberlake. Jessica Biel
  5. This Minnesota born singer, songwriter was one of the most influential musicians in the 1960’s with songs like Blowing in the Wind, and the times they are a changing. Bob Dylan
  6. This Minnesota actress has been in a myriad of films but she was in the news for the wrong reasons in 2001 after she was caught shoplifting at Saks 5th Avenue. Winona Ryder
  7. This Minnesota musician passed away this past year after an accidental drug overdose. Prince
  8. Former Pro wrestler Rick Rude is from Minnesota. What was Rick’s nickname during his career? Ravishing
  9. This man, who was the creator of the Peanuts comic strip, was from Minnesota. Charles Schultz
  10. The Minnesota Vikings D-Line garnered this nickname during the late 1960’s and 1970’s. Purple People Eaters

TIE BREAKER: How many electoral votes did Walter Mondale get in 1984? 13

Who Is It?

  1. Marilyn Monroe, Jelly Donut, Cuba. John F Kennedy
  2. My American Cousin, Sic Semper Terranous, Broken Leg. John Wilkes Booth
  3. Global Warming, Hanging Chad, The Internet. Al Gore
  4. Steve Jobs, Jonah Hill, Apple. Steve Wozniak
  5. Rookie of the Year, Dodgers, Chock Full of Nuts. Jackie Robinson
  6. Shaved Head, School Girl, Mickey Mouse. Brittany Spears
  7. Chunky Soup, Puke, Boo. Donovan McNabb
  8. Bifocals, Fire department, Newspaper. Ben Franklin
  9. Oprah’s couch, Scientology, Demands to see money. Tom Cruise
  10. Cincinnati, Martyr, Bad parenting Harambe

TIE BREAKER: How many career HRs did Jackie Robinson have? 147


  1. Finish this line from the movie 8 Mile. Palms are sweaty, knees weak arms are heavy theres vomit on his sweater already. MOMS SPAGHETTI
  2. The Ford Motor Company was founded in Detroit in what year? 1893, 1903, 1913,1993? 1903
  3. This dictator was actually given the key to the city of Detroit in 1980 after making a large donation to a Detroit church. Saddam Hussain
  4. In 2006 Detroit hosted the Super Bowl. Who won? Pittsburgh Steelers
  5. This man, who passed away earlier this year, was the lead singer of the band The Eagles. Glen Frey
  6. The movie Detroit Rock City is about a group of kids trying to win tickets to go see what rock group? Kiss
  7. This leader of the teamsters lived in Detroit until he vanished in 1975. Jimmy Hoffa
  8. In the movie Ferris Buehler’s day off Cameron can be seen wearing what Detroit Redwings jersey? Gordie Howe
  9. Even though he was a HEAVY favorite, this man, who is from the suburbs of Detroit, lost the 1948 election to Harry Truman. Thomas Dewey
  10. The Lions went 0-16 in 2008 and got the #1 pick in the draft. Who did they select? Matt Stafford

TIE BREAKER: How many passing yards did Matt Stafford have in his first 3 seasons? 7,840

Random Trivia

  1. What does one say in a theater instead of saying “Good Luck” Break a leg
  2. QWhat character is the villain the Lion King? Scar
  3. What country’s two main islands are separated by the Cook Strait? New Zealand
  4. Whose motto was “one for all, all for one”? Three Musketeers
  5. Who was Romulus’ brother? Remus
  6. What actress has starred in both E.T. and Charlie’s Angels? Drew Barrymore
  7. What Spanish cocktail is translated as “strained pineapple” in English? Pina Colada
  8. What is the largest artery in the human body? Aorta
  9. What is the captain’s name in Moby Dick? Captain Ahab
  10. What does the first A stand for in NASA? Aeronautics


  1. Currently the owner of the Dallas Mavricks this Pittsburgh born millionaire can be seen on ABC’s Shark Tank. Mark Cuban
  2. True or fale. In the 1900’s Pittsburgh dropped the H in its name? true
  3. Just announced that this Oscar winning actor would be portraying Pittsburgh’s own Andy Worhal in a biopic. Jarred Leto
  4. during his life he was one of the richest Americans, having found fortune thanks to the rail road and steel. Andrew Carnegie
  5. This pro wrestler was born in Pittsburgh before winning an olympic gold medal in the 1996 Olympics. However, hes more famous for his WWE career. Kurt Angle
  6. Ben Roethlisburger is 1st in Steelers history in passing yards for a career. Terry Bradshaw is 2nd. Who is 3rd? Tommy Maddox, Neil O’Donnel, Kordel Stewart. Kordel Stewart
  7. In 1999 this Pittsburgh born singer claimed to be a genie in a bottle. Turns out shes just a poor mans Brittany Spears. Christina Aguilera
  8. 76ers TJ McConnell went to the University of Arizona BUT he transferred to UofA after playing basketball at what Pittsburgh college? Duqesne 
  9. This Pittsburgh movie was about dreams coming true. The story of a welder by day and an exotic dancer by night who just wants to spin her heart into the Pittsburgh conservatory of dance. Flash Dance
  10. Arguably the greatest hockey movie ever, Jean Claude VanDam stops terrorists during the Stanley Cup in Pittsburgh’s civic arena. Sudden Death

TIE BREAKER: How many undergrads does Duquesne University have? 5,961

Random Trivia

  1. Was Chester A Arthur the 20th president? 21st president? Or 22nd president? 21st
  2. In Disney’s Aladdin what was the name of Jasmine’s pet tiger? Rajah
  3. How many horns did a triceratops have? Three
  4. Which NBA team plays its home games at the Barclays center? Brooklyn Nets
  5. What sailors disease resulted from a deficiency of vitamin c? Scurvy
  6. An episode of what sitcom spawned the phrase “jumped the shark”? Happy Days
  7. The Philadelphia Soul are owned by what former Philadelphia Eagles QB? Ron Jaworski
  8. What night is all you can eat crab legs for $24.99 at the Drake? Tuesday
  9. What color are shelled pistachio nuts? Green
  10. In What decade did we see the completion of the Empire State Building? 1930’s


  1. First man on the moon? Neil Armstrong
  2. First QB to throw for 4000 yards in a season? Joe Nameth
  3. First person to refuse an Oscar? George C Scott for Patton
  4. The first brewery in America? Yuengling
  5. First person to swim from Cuba to Florida? Did so in 2013. Diana Nyad
  6. First person to run a 4 minute mile? Rodger Banister
  7. First person to sign the declaration of independence? John Hancock
  8. First goalie to be credited with scoring a goal? Billy Smith in 1979-80
  9. First solo transatlantic flight? Charles Lindbergh
  10. First female doctor in the united states? Elizabeth Blackwell


TIE BREAKER: How many interceptions did Joe Nameth hace in his career? 220


  1. This former Olympic swimmer might be best known for her hosting gig on Nickelodeons Figure It Out from 97-99. Summer Sanders
  2. In the Bryan Adams song “Summer of 69” where did he buy his first real six string? Five and dime
  3. The 1966 documentary “The Endless Summer” follows which sport? Surfing
  4. Joseph Gordon Levitt stared in this 2009 comedy with Zoey Deschenel? 500 Days of Summer
  5. David Berkowitz was dubbed the Summer of Sam killer after he terrorized New York city in which decade? Bonus point if you get the year correct? 1977
  6. Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff had a hit in 1991 with the song Summertime. In what city was the music video filmed in? Philly
  7. In the 2001 movie “Wet Hot American Summer” what is the name of the camp that the film is set in? Camp Firewood
  8. In the 2001 movie Summer Catch Freddy Prince Jr plays a starting pitcher for this real life Cape Cod League team? Bonus point if you tell me what minor league team he gets signed too. Chatam A’s Batavia Muckogs
  9. In what month does the WWE have their annual pay per view Summer Slam? August
  10. What character on Seinfeld stated that the summer of 1997 was his summer? Summer of GeorgE

TIE BREAKER: How much money did Summer Catch make on its opening weekend? $7,018,593

Random Trivia

  1. Who wrote the novel War and Peace? Tolstoy
  2. What two elements make up water? Hydrogen and oxygen.
  3. What’s bigger in size? Greenland or Iceland? Greenland
  4. Who directed the movie ED WOOD? Tim Burton
  5. Grand Canyon is located in which state? Arizona
  6. How many terms did FDR have as president of the United States? 4
  7. Olympia is the capital of what state? Washington
  8. What does John Snow know? Nothing
  9. What two colors combined make purple? Red and blue
  10. What is the closest star to the earth? The sun

Random Trivia

  1. What is the only great Lake that doesn’t border Canada? Michigan
  2. What creature from Greek Mythology has a single eye? Cyclops
  3. What organ is foie gras made from? Liver
  4. What is the name of Thor’s Brother? Loki
  5. What would you find in an apiary? Bees
  6. A pigskin is another name for what sporting good? Football
  7. How many pounds do you lose if you burn 3500 calories? 1 pound
  8. What is the nickname of former Cowboys DE Ed Jones? Too Tall
  9. What is the #1 movie in America right now? Suicide squad
  10. Who was the voice behind woody in the movie Toy Story? Tom Hanks

The C Word

  1. What name is also used for reindeer. Caribou
  2. What common name is given to the larva of a butterfly? Caterpillar
  3. Competitor of Pepsi. Coke
  4. A younger version of the boy scouts. Cub Scouts
  5. If you want 99 lives in this game simply push up up down down left right left right b a b a start. Contra
  6. Might be a type of mountain lion. Or an older women trying to pick up a younger guy. Cougar
  7. Tom Hanks stranded after a plane crash. Castaway
  8. Goldfish, Koi, are types of which fish? Carp
  9. Which widespread large bird is also the tallest flying bird in the world. Crane
  10. Discovered America by accident. Columbus

TIE BREAKER: How old would Christopher Columbus have been if he lived to see the year 3491? 2,040

Random Trivia

  1. What movie series featured a villain named oddjob? James Bond
  2. What Greek word meaning “I have found it” might you say after making a discovery? Eureka
  3. What is the name of Spain’s cold soup made mostly from tomatoes? Gazpacho
  4. What city is hosting the Republican national convention? Cleveland
  5. How many planets are between the earth and the sun? 2
  6. Whos last book was “Oh the places you’ll go.” Dr. Seuess
  7. How many stripes are on the American flag? 13
  8. Who is Charlie Brown’s dog? Snoopy
  9. When did the first Tour De France take place in? 1902, 1903, 1894. 1903
  10. What cartoon character is the fastest mouse in all of Mexico? Speedy Gonzalez

Random Trivia

  1. Which actor plays the Jack Sparrow? Johnny Depp
  2. What was Jesus’ crown made of? Thorns
  3. What color did singer Johnny Cash wear on stage? Black
  4. What is the name given to the North Star? Polaris
  5. What vegetable, starting with the letter O, is often used to make gumbo. Okra
  6. What is the tallest species of land animal. Giraffe
  7. What is the #1 movie in America right now. Secret Life of Pets
  8. What country’s flag was Christopher Columbus sailing under when he discovered America? Spain
  9. In soccer, how many yellow cards lead to a players disqualification? Two
  10. Who won the MLB All Star Game? American League


  1. What was the name of the young Pokémon trainer that the TV show Pokémon followed? Ash Ketchum
  2. The TY company created what crazy popular collectable in the late 90’s? Beanie Babies
  3. This shoe was the hottest thing from 2006-2010 even though it was the ugliest thing you’ve ever seen. Can still find people rocking them on the Wildwood beach. Crocs
  4. The most sought after toy during the 1996 holiday season was this Sesame street stuffed animal. Tickle me Elmo
  5. This diet was all the rage in 2003-2004. The popularity happened shortly after its founder died having hit his head falling on ice. Atkins Diet
  6. In 2001 everyone was quoting the host of the weakest link as she let contestants know that they were the weakest link. Who was the host? Anne Robinson, Anne Rice, Danna Ruffin. Anne Robinson
  7. Before you could take care of Pokémon on your phone, in the mid 90’s kids had a pet on their keychain with this virtual pet that could die if you didn’t feed it and clean up after it.Tamagachi/Giga Pet
  8. This doll craze was originally called “Little People’ and came with a birth certificate. They changed their name to this in 1982 and it became a fad that swept the nation. Cabbage Patch Kids
  9. We could argue which teams jackets were the best, but in the 90’s this brands sports jackets had kids wearing teams jackets that they couldn’t care less about. Starter
  10. This decorative novelty item was huge in the 60’s and 70’s and while the name would make you think one thing, it was nothing more than colored wax and a translucent liquid. Lava Lamps

TIE BREAKER: How much money did Pokémon the first movie make in its opening weekend. $31,036,678

Random Trivia

  1. What is the word for hello or goodbye in Hawaiin? Aloha
  2. Who escaped Shawshank Prison? Andy Dufrayne
  3. What singer famously wore a dress that was made to look like a swan? Bjork
  4. What monopoly square is the furthest from go? Free Parking
  5. Seattle Grace Hospital is the home for which television show? Greys anatomy
  6. In the campaign slogan “I like Ike” who is Ike? Dwight Eisenhower
  7. What boy band is Harry Styles apart of? One Direction
  8. What did my true love give to me on the 12th day of Christmas? 12 drummers drumming
  9. What is the worlds largest coral reef system? Great Barrier Reef
  10. What exam must be passed to practice law in the US? Bar exam

Random Trivia

  1. What TV Character said “I am the one who knocks” ? Walter White
  2. In what month did man first land on the moon? July or June? July
  3. What did Rumpelstiltskin spin into gold? Straw
  4. What US Amendment gives US Citizens the right to bear arms? Second
  5. Lansing is the capital of which US State? Michigan
  6. Who wrote “The old man and the sea”? Ernest Hemmingway
  7. Whos cow was blamed for the great Chicago fire of 1871? Mrs O’Leary
  8. If you wanted to say “Good day” in Germany what would you say? Guten Tag
  9. What is both a golf term and slang for an enemy plane? Bogey
  10. Who is the voice of Dory in the movie Finding Dory? Ellen Degeneris

Random Trivia

  1. Who shot Alexander Hamilton? Aaron Burr
  2. Who directed the movie “Alien”? Ridley Scott
  3. What was Julius Irving’s basketball number? 6
  4. “You can take a good look at a T-Bone by sticking your heads up a bulls ass but id rather take the butchers word for it” is from what movie? Tommy Boy
  5. Who is Charlie Brown’s dog? Snoopy
  6. The pound cake got its name from including a pound of THIS item. Butter
  7. Harry Potter has a pet what? Owl
  8. What is the largest gland in the human body? Liver
  9. What type of leaf is typically used to cover up nudity? Fig leaf
  10. Who did Michael Jordan face in the movie space jam? Monstars

Random Trivia

  1. What is the length of a US Senator’s term? 6 years
  2. What US President appears on the FAR left of Mount Rushmore? George Washington
  3. What city do the Tanners live in in the show Full House? San Francisco
  4. What horse race was first held in 1875 at Churchill Downs racetrack? Kentucky Derby
  5. What state is the golf hall of fame located in? Florida
  6. Who is known as the mother of dragons? Danareous Targeryn.
  7. Halifax is the capital of which Canadian Province? Nova Scotia
  8. What mammals most commons species is the bottlenose? Dolphin
  9. LeBron James has been to the NBA Finals how many times in a row? Six
  10. How many hours is the motor race Le Mans last? 24 hours

Groups of Four

  1. Name the Mt Rushmore Presidents. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson
  2. First Four Greek Letters. Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta
  3. Phases of Matter. Solid, Liquid, Gas, Plasma
  4. Types of Human teeth. Incisors, Canines, Premolars, Molars
  5. Hogwarts Houses. Gryfendor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin
  6. Drake studio Albums. Thank Me Later, Take Care, Nothing Was The Same, Views
  7. Daniel Craig James Bond movies. Casino Royal, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, Spectre,
  8. The Phillies four aces from 2010. Roy Holladay, Cliff Lee, Cole Hamel’s, Roy Oswalt
  9. Bones in the leg. Femur, Patella, Tibia, Fibula
  10. Last four players to go #1 overall in the NBA draft. Karl Anthony Towns, Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett, Anthony Davis

TIE BREAKER: How many career points do Anthony Davis and Anthony Bennett have combined? 5,941

Celebrities Born in May

  1. This man was instrumental in putting the X-Games on the map, but many kids know him from his video games. Tony Hawk
  2. She said Hello from the other side. She mustve called 1000 times. To tell you she was sorry for the things that shed done. Adelle
  3. Paul David Hewson is arguably the most famous person from Ireland, but no one knows him by that name. Bono
  4. Took over for David Letterman this past year. Steven Colbert
  5. This Spainaird was a famous painter who was born in may, but he died in January of 1989. Salvador Dali
  6.  This rocker might have killed Nancy, but he was on a bender and doesnt remember. Sid Vicious
  7. This QB went from 9th round pick out of Lousiville to one of the best QBs of all time, and the face of the Baltimore Colts franchise. Johnny Unitas
  8. He created Sherlock holmes. Sir Arthur Conon Doyle
  9. This soccer star had most of his success with Manchester united, but most females werent watching him for his soccer ability. David Beckham
  10. His website was the subject of a David Fincher/Aaron Sorkin movie in 2010. Mark Zuckerberg

TIE BREAKER: How many active monthly users did Facebook have? 1.59 Billion


  1. After this president was killed in Buffalo NY the secret service was mandated to follow nada protect the president at all times. William McKinley
  2. He spent most of his childhood in Buffalo NY before he went on to write The Great Gatsby. F Scott Fitzgerald
  3. Before he wrote Huckleberry Finn this man lived in Buffalo for two years. Mark Twain
  4. before the LeSean McCoy trade, what was the last trade between the Bills and Eagles. Bryce Brown
  5. With hits like Iris, and Slide, this Buffalo band burst onto the scenes in the 90’s. The Goo Goo Dolls
  6. Even though he’s from Buffalo this actor pulled off the Texas accent well when he played Coach Eric Taylor on the cult favorite Friday Night Lights. Kyle Chandler
  7. This Buffalo born singer was a Super freak  and was a favorite of comedian Dave Chapel before dying in 2004. Rick James
  8. Born in a Buffalo suburb he’s the ultimate Bro. this TE was taken in the 2nd round of the 2010 NFL draft and has been fist pumping, and catching TD ever since. Rob Gronkowski
  9. This buffalo man found a real winner when he married his wife Lorena. In 1993 she decided to cut off a very sensitive part of his body  while he was sleeping. John Wayne Bobbet
  10. Who is the head coach of the buffalo bills. Rex Ryan

TIE BREAKER: How many episodes of the Chappelle Show were there? 28

December 25

  1. In 1223 this man, who is the patron saint of animals set up the first ever Nativity scene. St Francis of Assisi
  2. In 1492 Christopher Columbus’ main ship sunk. What ship was it? Santa Maria
  3. In 1996 this child beauty queen was murdered in her house at the age of 6. Who was she? Jean Benet Ramsey
  4. In 1995 this man, who was one of the leaders of the rat pack, died at the age of 78. Dean Martin
  5. In 1642 this man, who discovered gravity was born. Isaac Newton
  6. In 1831 which of these two states was one of the first to observe Christmas as a Holliday? Louisiana or Delaware. Louisiana
  7. In 1991 this man formally resigned as president of the USSR. Mikhail Gorbachev
  8. In 2006 the world lost the godfather of soul when he died of 73. James Brown
  9. 1946 the mayor of Margaritaville was born. Jimmy Buffett
  10. This guy was allegedly born in a manger on December 25. Jesus

TIE BREAKER: How many miles long is Louisiana? 379

Random Trivia

  1. What ocean is the second largest ocean in the world? Pacific
  2. If you’re in England and someone says they need to get petrol, what do they need to get? gas
  3. Mr Pibb was introduced as a competitor to which soda? Dr Pepper
  4. John Arbuckle owns which famous cat? Garfield
  5. What US National Park is known for its Geysers? Yellowstone
  6. Who was the 16th president of the United States? Abraham Lincoln
  7. Were would you find Catalonia on a map? Spain
  8. Ethan Hunt is the main character in which action franchise? Mission Impossible
  9. What team do the Eagles play this week? Redskins
  10. What musical instrument appears on the Guinness beer label? Harp


  1. In 2015 this country became the first country to legalize same sex marriage. Ireland
  2. In June this FIFA president announced he would step down amid an FBI investigation and stories of corruption. Sepp Blater
  3. Caitlyn Jenner announced her new name on the cover of which magazine? Vanity Fair
  4. This 2015 Super fight finally took place in 2015 after years of speculation and certainly didn’t live up to the hype. Who were the fighters. Pacquiao VS Mayweather
  5. In January this satirical weekly magazine was attacked by two masked gunman in Paris. Charlie Hebdo
  6. This country was unable to pay its 1.5 billion euro debt, which resulted in its banks closing for six days. What country was it? Greece
  7. This Lion gained recognition after he was killed by a dentist from Minnesota. A local favorite in Zimbabwe, what was his name? Cecil
  8. This actor went on the Today show to announce that he was HIV positive and has been for several years. Charlie Sheen
  9. Time magazine named this chancellor of Germany as the Time person of the year. Angela Merkel
  10. This team won the Super Bowl in 2015 after a last second INT at the goal line. Patriots

TIE BREAKER: How many times has Manny Pacquioa knocked out an opponent? 38

Random Trivia

  1. What element is combined with iron to create steel? Carbon
  2. Who was the first president to live in the White House? John Adams
  3. Who played the role of the joker in the 1989 movie batman? Jack Nicholson
  4. What was the name of the man who interviewed with the Eagles yesterday from the Chicago Bears? Adam Gase
  5. What are the thieves set to steal in the movie Resoviour Dogs? Diamonds
  6. Concord is the capital of what state? New Hampshire
  7. What connects the larynx to the lungs? Trachea
  8. What was the #2 movie in America last week? Daddy’s home
  9. What artist was best known for his covers of the Saturday evening post? Norman Rockwell
  10. The zodiac sign Pisces refers to what animal? Fish

Random Trivia

  1. What US State has the longest freshwater shoreline? Michigan
  2. What was the name of Marky Mark’s backing band? Funky bunch
  3. How many tiles does each player pick at the start of a game of scrabble? Seven
  4. The horn of plenty is a symbol of which holiday? Thanksgiving
  5. Who painted the Sistine Chappell? Michaelangelo
  6. What color is the bottom strip of Egypt flag? Black
  7. In what decade of the 1900’s did telephone companies begin using area codes? 1947
  8. which of the five sense is most closely linked to memory? Smell
  9. In the movie “Speed” dropping below what speed will cause the bus to blow up? 50MPH
  10. Who was the Sixes 1st round pick in 2015? Jahlil Okafor

Famous Dougs

  1. This comedian loves to wake and bake and has gone as far to make himself a guinea pig in the documentary Super High Me. Doug Benson
  2. This actor played Sanca in the movie “Cool Runnings” Doug E Doug
  3. Listed at 5’10 this diminutive QB had arguably the most famous hail Mary pass in football history while he was a member of the Boston College Football team. Doug Flutie
  4. Doug Ellin created which popular HBO show? Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, Entourage? Entourage
  5. He was the first black QB to win the Super Bowl? Doug Williams
  6. What is Doug Funny’s alter ego? Quail Man
  7. He was the head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers from 2010 to 2013 and decided to trade for ultra bust Andrew Bynum. Doug Collins
  8. This man is known as the human beat box and is a pioneer in beat boxing. Doug E Fresh
  9. What is the name of the new Eagles head coach? Doug Pederson
  10. Who did the song “teach me how to Dougie?” Cali Swag District

TIE BREAKER: How many yards did Doug Pederson throw for in his NFL career? 2,762

Random Trivia

  1. In what country is the great sandy desert located in? Australia
  2. What state is north of Pennsylvania? New York
  3. In what year did the Brooklyn Bridge open to the Public? 1883 or 1923? 1883
  4. The movie “Pee. Wees big adventure is about Pee Wee recovering what item? His bike
  5. How many red stripes are there on the American Flag? 7
  6. What was the name of the blizzard that hit the Delaware valley this past week? Jonas
  7. What was Sam Malone’s nickname on the show “Cheers” Mayday
  8. What was the #1 movie in America this past week? The Revenant
  9. Who created the character Iron Man? Stan Lee
  10. How many wins do the Sixers have? 6

Bald Celebs

  1. Bruce Willis has played this action hero since 1998 in the Die Hard movie franchise. John McClane
  2. Patrick Stewart, famous for playing Professor X in the Xmen movies, narrated this 2012 comedy hit which got a squeal this past year. Ted
  3. .He gave Harry potter his scar. Voldermort
  4. He bought the UFC for $2 million dollars and built it up to a billion dollar mixed martial arts league. Dana White
  5. Known as the ragin Cajun, This prominent democratic pundit, known for his appearance on the CNN show Crossfire, lost a debate against Will Farrell in the 2003 movie Old School.James Carville
  6. He was drafted 3rd overall, and he was drafted 5th overall in the stud filled NBA draft of 1984.Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley
  7. Shaquille O’Neal is an inductee to this states hall of fame. New Jersey
  8. This media billionaire’s UK newspaper admitted to illegal spying by hacking cell phones in 2011. Rupert Murdoch
  9. Samuel Jackson signed on to star in this 2006 action movie without ever reading the script. He simply saw the name of the movie and signed on. Snakes on a plane
  10. Bryan Cranston starred as Walter White in the show Breaking Bad. What was Walter White’s alter ego? Heisenberg

TIE BREAKER: How many 3 pointers did Charles Barkley make in his career? 538

Random Trivia

  1. Where was King Arthur’s Court located? Camelot
  2. What does HBO stand for? Home Box Office Network
  3. Who was the first president to die in office? Harrison
  4. Who is the narrator of Catcher in the Rye? Holden Caufield
  5. Where is Bile produced? The liver
  6. In Billy Joels Piano Man, what is the name of the bartender? John
  7. What state is Yale located in? Connecticut
  8. What was the original name of the Houston Astros? Colt 45’s
  9. What is the birthstone for October Opal
  10. Who caught the winning TD in the Eagles Cowboys game? Jordan Matthews


  1. This artist had a hit with the song “Miami” where he proclaimed that he partied every night when the heat was on all night on the beach till the break of dawn”. Will Smith
  2. This popular fast food chain was founded in Miami in 1954. Burger King
  3. Armando Christian Peres, better known as this, is a Miami hip hop artist who is the self proclaimed Mr World Wide. When he’s not in Bud Light adds he is usually compared being the Nickleback of hip hop. Pitbul
  4. This show, which was set in Miami, starred David Caruso, and Emily Proctor from 2002-2012. CSI Miami
  5. The movie Scarface was filmed in Miami and starred Al Paccino. True of False; Paccino’s Scarface was a remake. True
  6. The University of Miami are known as the Hurricanes but their logo is that of a bird. What kind of bird is it? Ibis
  7. This fictional Dolphins kicker missed a game winning field goal in the super bowl against the Eagles which ruined his football career while Ace Ventura fought Swoop the mascot. Who was the kicker. Ray Finkle
  8. In 2000 after his mother drowned trying to escape Cuba, this 5 year old boy was the subject of a heated custody battle which involved the US Government and the Cuban government. Elian Gonzalaez
  9. Born in Miami, in 1964 he became the first black man to win the Oscar for Best actor. Sidney Portier
  10. She was the lead singer of the punk band Blondie, but before that she was just a girl from Miami. Debbie Harry

TIE BREAKER: How many seconds long is Scarface? 10,200

Random Trivia

  1. In what country was Einstein born? Germany
  2. What vitamin is milk fortified with in the US to combat Rickets? Vitamin D
  3. In the movie Monsters Inc. what are the monsters scared of? Children
  4. In which decade was Sputnik launched into space? Bonus point if you get the year exactly right. 1957
  5. Benedict Arnold betrayed America during which war? American Revolution
  6. What musical instrument does Sherlock Holmes play for relaxation? Violin
  7. Which member of the Beatles said they were more popular than Jesus? John Lennon
  8. What city is the capital of Idaho? Boise
  9. This famous painter is known for incorporating ants into his works, as well as melting clocks. Salvador Dali
  10. What best selling book and movie told the story of the fishing boat the “Andrea Gail” The Perfect storm

Random Trivia

  1. A deficiency of which vitamin can lead to night blindness? A
  2. What are residents of New Hampshire called? New Hampshirites
  3. What countrys flag was Christopher Columbus sailing under when he discovered America? Spain
  4. What planet was named after the goddess of beauty? Venus
  5. General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna led the Mexican attack against what? The Alamo
  6. How many provinces are there in Canada? 10
  7. What movie trailer débuted during the Eagles Giants Monday Night Football game? Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  8. In medical terminology what is the official name of the Voice Box? Larynx
  9. What was Pixars first film? Toy Story
  10. What was the first part of J.R.R. Toklien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy? Fellowship of the ring

Random Trivia

  1. What is the nearest star to Earth? The Sun
  2. What river flows through the grand canyon? Colorado
  3. What competition show involves coaches turning chairs? The Voice
  4. What singer took his stage name from a Dublin hearing aid billboard? Bono
  5. What brand of Whiskey is made in Lynchburg Tennessee? Jack Daniels
  6. What major sports league starts tonight? NHL
  7. What cathedral was the fictional Quasimodo a bell ringer for? Notre Dame
  8. This fast food chain started breakfast all day today. McDonalds
  9. In Napoleaon Dynamite, What type of animal is Napoleons grandmother pet Tina? Llama
  10. What type of fabric derives its name from the French for “cord of the king” Corduroy

New Orleans

  1. What year did Hurricane Katrina decimate New Orleans? 2005
  2. This NBA Team was formed in New Orleans, but moved to its current home in 1979 where the name makes little to no sense. Utah Jazz
  3. This famous Jazz musician, who used his trumpet to influence many musicians, was born in New Orleans. Louis Armstrong
  4. John F Kennedy’s killer was born in New Orleans. What is his name? And for a bonus point what was the name of the man who killed him? Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby
  5. This actor was born in New Orleans, and when he isn’t fighting Rocky, and then deciding to train him. He can be found trying to help Happy Gilmores putting game. What is his name? Carl Weathers
  6. This Ann Rice novel, which was adapted into a movie in 1994 and starred Tom Cruise, was set in New Orleans and was better than Twilight. Interview with a Vampire
  7. How many Super Bowls have the Saints won? 1
  8. This movie was filmed in New Orleans, and was a true story adapted from a 1853 book and won the 2014 Oscar for best picture. 12 Years a Slave
  9. The 1883 memoir “Life on the Mississippi” was written by one of the most iconic American writers of all time. The book details his life as a river boat captain on the Mississippi river. Mark Twain
  10. What are the Saints two primary colors. Black and gold.

TIE BREAKER: How many career interceptions has Saints QB Drew Brees thrown? 196

Random Trivia

  1. What space shuttle broke apart during re-entry in February of 2003? Columbia
  2. What is currently the #1 movie in America? Hotel Transylvania
  3. This former Phillies pitcher choked a teammate this past week, in the dugout, resulting in him getting suspended for the rest of the season. Jonathan Papelbon
  4. Lake Tahoe is located in which two states? Cali and Nevada
  5. How many side does a rhombus have? Four
  6. What is the Eagles record? 1-2
  7. What does a barometer measure? Atmospheric Pressure.
  8. What show takes place in the town of bedrock? Flinstones
  9. What is the eagle in the Great Seal of the United States holding in its right talon? Olive Branch
  10. When did the war of 1812 actually begin? 1812

The Letter U

  1. This place is in New York. You have to speak 3 different languages to be a our guide, and they have every flag imaginable. United Nations
  2. The Atomic Number for this is 92. Uranium
  3. Despite looking sweet with her all pink attire, She was the defense against the Dark art teacher at Hogwarts and was an overall cruel person. Delores Umbridge
  4. In this movie a lonely old man befriends a boy scout looking to get his assisting the elderly badge as they go on a wild adventure. Up
  5. UFO’s were given this nickname in WW2 by fighter pilots. But you probably know the name from one of the biggest rock bands in the world. Foo Fighters
  6. Athletes and fans from this school often make a U with both hand and refer to the college as “The U” University of Miami
  7. This anti-slavery novel was written by Harriet Beecher Stowe in 1852. Uncle Tom’s Cabin
  8. This new age transportation company was founded in 2009 and is estimated to by worth $50 billion dollars. One of its biggest investors is Ashton Kutcher. Uber
  9. This Mark Ronson song, featuring Bruno Mars, was one of the biggest hits of the summer. Uptown Funk
  10. Keanu Reeves character in Point Break. Johnny Utah

TIE BREAKER: How much does tuition cost for an out of state student? $45,724

Random Trivia

  1. Elliot Ness is best known for his fight against organized crime in what city? Chicago
  2. These two Steve’s were the founders of Apple Computers. Jobs and Wozniak
  3. How many furlongs are a mile? 8
  4. What is the Eagles record? 0-2
  5. What country is the original home of Bacardi rum? Cuba
  6. What state is Princeton located in? New Jersey
  7. How many stars make up the big dipper? 7
  8. What color blazer is presented to the masters golf winner? Green
  9. Where is Harry Potter’s scar located? His Forehead
  10. What is the international radio code word for the letter F? Foxtrot

The Jets

  1. This billionaire was a film tycoon who bought TWA airline and expanding it in 1939.. Howard Hughes
  2. In west side story who was the Jets Rival? Sharks
  3. Bennie and the Jets can be found on this Elton John album? Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
  4. This US Navy flight demonstration squad was formed in 1946. Blue Angels
  5. This country/Adult Contemporary wrote the song “leaving on a Jet Plane” in 1966 which is ironic because in 1997 he died in a plane crash. John Denver
  6. This Jets QB was punched in the face this offseason by one of his teammates and broke his jaw. Geno Smith
  7. The Wright Brothers first flew in what town in North Carolina? Kitty Hawk
  8. The ORIGINAL Winnipeg Jets moved to this warm weather city in 1996. Phoenix
  9. What decade was the Air Force One call sign first used as the Presidents Private Plane? 1953
  10. What was Jet legend Joe Nameth’s nickname? Broadway

TIE BREAKER: How many career INT did Nemeth Have? 220

Random Trivia

  1. What radio DJ signed off of his show by saying “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching the stars” Casey Kasem
  2. What magazine began publishing its annual list of the 500 most successful companies in the US in 1955? Fortune
  3. How many tusks sprout from an adult male warthog? 4
  4. What is stored at a depository in Fort Knox. Gold
  5. Who is smarter than the average bear. Yogi Bear
  6. What is a group of hyenas called? A Cackle
  7. How many Olympic rings are there? 5
  8. What sea is located directly north of Poland? Baltic Sea
  9. What popular singer had a chimpanzee named scatter? Elvis
  10. Which body part was the Greek hero Achilles weak spot? Heel


  1. What was the name of the plaza where JFK was assassinated? Dealey plaza
  2. When was the last time the Cowboys won the Super Bowl? 1995
  3. This TV show, which was set in Dallas, was famous for asking the question “Who Shot JR” Dallas
  4. The worlds first convenience store opened in Dallas and eventually became this national brand. 7-11
  5. This famous criminal duo met in Dallas in 1930 and after a crime spree that included 3 states, they were killed and buried in Dallas in 1934. Bonnie and Clyde
  6. Musician Rob Van Winkle was born in Dallas, but you know him by what name? Vanilla Ice
  7. Ron Woodroof was the main character in this Oscar winning movie set in Dallas. Dallas Buyers Club
  8. The Eagles signed this RB from the Dallas Cowboys during the offseason. Demarco Murray
  9. This Dallas born actress and singer burst onto the scene on Disney’s Wizard’s of Waverly Place. She is also famous for being the ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber. Selena Gomez
  10. Who shot JFK in Dallas? Lee Harvey Oswald

TIE BREAKER: How many career TD did Demarco Murray have with the Cowboys? 29

Random Trivia

  1. What acid gives citrus fruits their distinctive sharp flavor? Citric Acid
  2. Niagara falls empties into which great lake? Ontario
  3. What was the score of the Penn State Temple game? 27-10 Temple
  4. In the Tom Petty song Free Fallin, the girl is a big fan of what singer? Elvis
  5. Which body part includes the patella? Knee
  6. Who played Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction? John Travolta
  7. Who taught Helen Keller the alphabet and braille? Anne Sullivan
  8. Before Brian Williams, who was the anchor on NBC’s the Nightly News? Tom Brokaw
  9. What is the capital of Vermont? Montpelier
  10. What state is Mt Rushmore in? South Dakota


  1. This world sporting event was held in Atlanta Georgia in 1996. Summer Olympics
  2. This Atlanta rapper announced in 2000 that he wanted to lick lick lick lick you from your head to your toes. And he wanted to move from the bed down down down down to the floor. Ludacris
  3. This leader in civil rights has his child hood home preserved in Atlanta, and is burried in Atlanta. Martin Luther King Jr
  4. The Margaret Mitchell house is in Atlanta. She is famous for writing this famous book, which might be a more famous movie. An American classic set in the American south. Gone with the Wind
  5. CNN is headquartered in Atlanta. What billionaire owns both CNN and TBS. Ted Turner
  6. Is Atlanta the capital of Georgia? Yes
  7. Before she was hooking for Richard Gere, before she was a single mother taking down an energy company, this actress was just a girl born in Atlanta. Julia Roberts
  8. Who is the Falcons QB? Matt Ryan
  9. American Idol host Ryan Seacrest was born in Atlanta. Who was his co-host in the first season of American Idol? Brian Dunklemen
  10. Even though he grew up in New York, and is a huge Knicks fan, this director was born in Atlanta. Spike Lee

TIE BREAKER: Where is Ted Turner ranked in World Wealth? 847 with $2.2 billion

Random Trivia

  1. The MTV Music Awards were this past week, who hosted? Miley Cyrus
  2. What’s a female donkey called? A Jenny
  3. If someone orders tripe on a menu, what did they order? Stomach
  4. What is the name of the band that plays the Drake Tavern every Thursday? Stepping Razr
  5. What is the part of the body that produces insulin? Pancreas
  6. What kind of animal is pictured on the packaging for a Klondike bar? Polar bear
  7. The Portuguese man o war is what type of fish? Jelly fish
  8. How many ounces are in one pound? 16
  9. This QB was taken 11th overall in the 199 NFL draft by the Minnesota Vikings. Dante Cullpepper
  10. In soccer how many yellow cards result in an ejection? 2

Random Trivia

  1. How many lords are leaping in the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas?” 10
  2. What musician is known as the Motor City Madman? Ted Nugent
  3. In Skiing what is a mogul? A bump or Small hill
  4. Who is C3-PO’s sidekick? R2-D2
  5. Cape Canaveral is located in what state? Florida
  6. What president served more than 2 terms? FDR
  7. In which hand is the statue of liberty holding a torch? Right Hand
  8. What continent would you find Morocco in? Africa
  9. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea. SpongeBob Square Pants
  10. What year was the first iPod introduced? 2001

Famous Philadelphians

  1. Hall and Oates met each other in 1967 in an elevator and realized they both went to what college? Temple
  2. Bradley Cooper represents Philadelphia in the movie Silver Linings playbook where he can be seen wearing what former Eagles jersey? DeSean Jackson
  3. Will Smith gained recognition for being the fresh prince of belt air, but before that he was a rapper who teamed up with this DJ. DJ Jazzy Jeff
  4. Smoking Joe Frazier had how many epic bouts with Mohamed Ali? 3
  5. This Philadelphia born actor stared in the 1990 movie Pretty Women opposite Julia Roberts. Richard Gere
  6. This future football hall of Famer was a star at Roman Catholic high school before teaming up with Peyton Manning in Indy as Peytons main target. Marvin Harrison
  7. This Philadelphia music act is currently the house band for the Jimmy Fallon show. The Roots
  8. This KYW anchor man was fired in 2008 for hacking his then co-hosts email account. 1 point for the anchorman, 1 point for the co host whos email he hacked. Larry Mendte and Alicia Layne
  9. This member of the 3 stooges had his house located on south street where his face is painted on the side of the building. Larry
  10. Joey Lawrence bust onto the scene in the 90’s on the hit show Blossom where he had this catch phrase. Whooaaaa

TIE BREAKER: How many receiving yards did DeSean Jackson have in his Eagles career? 6117

Random Trivia

  1. What was the name of the robot that was killed in Philadelphia? Hitchbot
  2. Who wrote “The outsiders” S.E. Hinton
  3. What’s the term for mass per unit volume? Density
  4. What is the northernmost Scandinavian country? Norway
  5. What did B.B. stand for in BB King? Blues boy
  6. What president signed a law making MLK day a national holiday? Reagan
  7. How many ghosts appear to scrooge in Dickens a Christmas Carol? Four
  8. In Karate what color belt is earned just before black? Brown
  9. What kind of car was James Dean driving when he died? Porsche
  10. What is the #1 movie in America? Mission Impossible

The letter F!

1. This group had a hit with the song “Relax” in 1984? Frankie Goes To Hollywood

2. This war was fought between France & Germany from July 1870 to May of 1871. Franco Prussian War

3. This fictional character taught Elvis how to dance, starred on the University of Alabama football team, was a war hero, a ping pong legend, & the founder of a shrimp company. Forrest Gump

4. What is the name of the bassist in the band “the red hot chili peppers”? flea

5. The first real mobile QB, he was the star QB of the Minnesota Vikings & New York Giants for 17 years. Fran Tarkenton

6. What was Ponce De Leon in search of when he discovered Florida? The fountain of youth

7. It took this guy 3 movies, and over 9 hours of walking to throw a ring into a  mountain & destroy it. Frodo

8. This man directed the Shawshank Redemption and is the executive producer of the Walking Dead. Frank Derabant

9. This brewery was founded in Phoenixville PA in 1995. sly Fox

10. When the Phillies acquired Cliff Lee from the Indians in 2009, they also acquired this extra Outfielder in the trade? Ben Francsico.

TIE BREAKER: how many Rushing TDs did Fran Tarkenton have in his 17 year career? 32


  1. He tried to assinate President Ronald Reagen in 1981? John Hinkley Jr
  2. Channing Tatum starred in this 2010 movie based on a Nicholas Sparks book? Dear John
  3. He provide the voice for Ralph in Disney’s Wreck it Ralph, and he also appears in the new Marvel Movie The Guardian of the Galaxy’s? John C Reiley
  4. John Phillips was a singer and guitar player for this 60’s folk rock band? Mamas and the Papas
  5. This 2012 Disney movie starring Taylor Kitsch was one of the biggest bombs in movie history. John Carter
  6. Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon attended what SEC School? Mississippi State
  7. This WWE super star is known for his “You Cant See Me” catch phrase? John Cena
  8. John Goesling is known for what reality show? John and Kate Plus 8
  9. He was the first US Astronaut to orbit earth. John Glenn
  10. This presidential hopeful lost to George W Bush in 2004. John Kerry

TIE BREAKER: How much money did Disney lose on John Carter? $176,941,321

Random Trivia

  1. What does YMCA Stand for? Young Mens Christian Association
  2. In what Arizona city does the movie Psycho begin in? Phoenix
  3. Within 3, how many claws does a domestic cat have? 18
  4. What is the logo of Mack Trucks? Bulldog
  5. Which US State is nicknamed the Old Dominon State? Virginia
  6. What does MRI stand for? Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  7. Who started for the Phillies today? Adam Morgan
  8. Which 18 year old stud married a 26 year old couger named Anne Hathaway in November of 1582? William Shakespeare
  9. In 1968 Cesar Chavez announced a worldwide boycott of what California food product? Grapes
  10. In Which Star Wars movie does Darth Vader reveal that he is Lukes Father? Empire Strikes Back


  1. In January of 2007 Steve Jobs announced this device? Iphone
  2. The Boston Red Sox won the 2007 World Serries. Before 2007 when was their last World Series? Within 2. 1918
  3. This Johnny Depp franchise actually beat out Harry Potter 4 for the biggest World Wide Gross of 2007. Pirates of the Carabian: At Worlds End
  4. This writer, known for such works as Slaughterhouse 5, and Cats Cradle, died in 2007? Kurt Vonnegut
  5. In 2007 this professional wrestler killed his entire family in a murder suicide that took the wrestling world by shock? Chris Benoit
  6. Im sure the Ukraine would disagree with this choice, but the Time person of the year in 2007 was this foreign president? Putin
  7. This country trio took the Grammy’s by storm in 2007 winning the record of the year, albm of the year and song of the year? Dixie Chicks
  8. This radio famous shock jock radio host caught some heat in 2007 for his racist remarks of a female college basketball coach. 1 point for the host, 1 point for the school she coached at. Don Imus, Rutgers
  9. In 2007 the world said good bye to the hit HBO show the Soprano’s. What song played as it faded to black? Don’t Stop Believing
  10. What high school did I graduate from in 2007? Cardinal Dougherty

TIE BREAKER: How many episodes of the Sopranos were there? 86

The Doctors

  1. Burst onto the scene in the late 90’s thanks to Oprah. Got his own show in 2002 and can often be heard telling young people to “pull their bootstraps” up among other nonsense. Dr Phil
  2. Is the main character in a series of Children’s books by Hugh Lofting starting in 1920. But you probably know the movies rather than the books. Dr Doolittle
  3. This was Heath Ledgers last movie. The Imaginarium of Dr Parnasus.
  4. Another discovery of Oprah, this doctor actually knows what hes talking about. He got his degree at the University of Pennsylvania and practices heart surgery at NY Presbyterian. Dr Oz
  5. What musician sang Doctor Doctor give me the news I gotta bad case of loving you. Robert Palmer
  6. He was the antagonist in the second Spider man movie, and was played by Alfred Molina. Doc Ock
  7. In the show Seinfeld, Kramer uses this alias a few times. Once to try to obtain Elaines medical records, and another to try and get George’s boss to get a mole removed. Dr Van Nostrand
  8. Where did Julius Irving attend college? Umass
  9. Born in 1872 he was the father of sterile surgery. He sterilized his instruments, and washed his hands which reduced gangrene and other infections. Joseph Lister
  10. Currently this character is played by Peter Capaldi, but he is the 12th person to play the role of this cult hit. Dr Who

TIE BREAKER: how many total episodes has Dr Who had? 897

Random Trivia

  1. The American Decleration of independence is announced on the front page of this states evening gazette. Pennsylvania
  2. What was the Philadelphia Eagles name before they were the Eagles? Frankford Yellow Jackets
  3. Within 2, what season of American Idol was Carrie Underwood on? 4th season
  4. Who won the Aaron Burr Alexander Hamilton duel? Aaron Burr
  5. The MLB All Star Game was held last night. What city hosted it? Cincinnati
  6. Who was the Phillies lone representative for the All Star Game? Jonathan Papelbon
  7. Marianas trench is the deepest part of the world. What ocean is it located in? Pacific
  8. What does Nato stand for? North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  9. Within 2, what year did the first MAC computer hit the market? 1984
  10. In what direction does the Nile river flow? North west east or south? North

Random Trivia

  1. What is the main ingredient in guacamole? Avocados
  2. How many dice are used to play the game Yahtzee? Five
  3. What do you call a group of geece? A gaggle
  4. What was the name of Pinnochio’s father? Jepetto
  5. Who created the artificial heart? Jarvick
  6. In the movie the Big Lebowski, what is the Dude’s drink of choice? White Russian
  7. The worlds highest water fall, is located where? Bonus point if you name the name of it. Angel Falls in Venezuala
  8. What decade introduced bar code scanners in grocery stores? 1970’s
  9. The tallest known mountain in the solar system is located on what planet? Mars. 15 miles tall
  10. What was the code name the secret service used for president Reagen. Rawhide

Random Trivia

  1. What is the main ingredient in guacamole? Avocados
  2. How many dice are used to play the game Yahtzee? Five
  3. What do you call a group of geece? A gaggle
  4. What was the name of Pinnochio’s father? Jepetto
  5. Who created the artificial heart? Jarvick
  6. In the movie the Big Lebowski, what is the Dude’s drink of choice? White Russian
  7. The worlds highest water fall, is located where? Bonus point if you name the name of it. Angel Falls in Venezuala
  8. What decade introduced bar code scanners in grocery stores? 1970’s
  9. The tallest known mountain in the solar system is located on what planet? Mars. 15 miles tall
  10. What was the code name the secret service used for president Reagen. Rawhide

Summer Reading

  1. Holden Caulfield is a seventeen- year-old dropout who has just been kicked out of his fourth school. Navigating his way through the challenges of growing up, Holden dissects the ‘phony’ aspects More…of society, and the ‘phonies’ themselves. Catcher in the Rye JD Salinger
  2. A chilling prophecy about the future. haunting vision of the world, so powerful that it is completely convincing from start to finish. No one can deny the power of this novel and Big Brother. 1984. George Orwell
  3. Set in Italy during World War II, this is the story of the incomparable, malingering bombardier, Yossarian, a hero who is furious because thousands of people he has never met are trying to kill him. Catch 22 Joseph Heller
  4. In the spring of 1863, as he faces battle for the first time at Chancellorsville, Virginia, a young Union soldier matures to manhood and finds peace of mind as he comes to grips with his conflicting emotions about war. Red Badge of Courage. Steven Crane
  5. Lawyer Atticus Finch defends a black man charged with the rape of a white woman. Through the eyes of Atticus’s children, Scout and Jem Finch, set in the Deep South of the 1930’s. To Kill A Mocking Bird Harper Lee
  6. Set in the Great Depression it chronicles the Dust Bowl migration of the 1930s and tells the story of one Oklahoma farm family driven from their homestead and forced to travel west to the promised land of California.The Grapes Of Wrath John Steinbeck
  7. The mysterious Jay Gatsby embodies the notion that its possible to redefine oneself and persuade the world to accept that definition. Gatsby’s youthful neighbor, Nick Carraway, fascinated with the display of enormous wealth in which Gatsby revels, finds himself swept up in the lavish lifestyle of Long Island society during the Jazz Age. The Great Gatsby. F Scott Fitzgerald
  8. Ponyboy knows that he can count on his brothers, Darry and Sodapop. And he knows that he can count on his friends Johnny and Two-Bit. And when it comes to the Socs—a vicious gang of rich kids who enjoy beating up on “greasers” like him and his friends—he knows that he can count on them for trouble. But one night someone takes things too far, and Ponyboy’s world is turned upside down The Outsiders. SE Hinton
  9. Guy Montag is a fireman. In his world, where television rules and literature is on the brink of extinction, firemen start fires rather than put them out. His job is to destroy the most illegal of commodities, the printed book, along with the houses in which they are hidden. Farenheit 451 Ray Bradbury
  10. When literature student Anastasia Steele goes to interview young entrepreneur Christian Grey, she encounters a man who is beautiful, brilliant, and intimidating. The unworldly, innocent Ana is startled to realize she wants this man and, despite his enigmatic reserve, finds she is desperate to get close to him. Unable to resist Ana’s quiet beauty, wit, and independent spirit, Grey admits he wants her, too—but on his own terms 50 shades of grey EL James

TIE BREAKER: How many pages is the paperback version of Farenheit 451? 256

Random Trivia

  1. Which 2 characters on the hit show “Friends” were college roommates? Ross and Chandler
  2. In which season do the most burglaries take place? Winter
  3. License plates in New Hampshire say “Live free or die hard” and are ironically made where? Prison
  4. What was the name of the song that Elton John made for Princess Diana? Candle in the wind
  5. What does the latin phrase “Caveat Emptor” mean? Let the buyer beware
  6. Which Scandinavian country awards the Nobel Peace prize? Norway
  7. Within 5, how many colored squares are there on a rubix cube? 54
  8. What famous stretch of road runs from Chicago to Los Angeles? Route 66
  9. What is the first month comprised of 30 days? April
  10. In chess, what piece can only move diagonally? bishop


  1. This book, written by Erik Larson, was about a serial killer during the Chicago’s Worlds Fair. Devil in the white city
  2. Thanks to this crime fighting dog, many kids born in the 80’s and 90’s know that Chicago Illinois’ zip code is 60652. Scruff McGruff
  3. This beer won the best beer award during the Chicago’s World Fair in 1893 and they’ve been living off that ribbon ever since. Pabst Blue Ribbon
  4. This man was the first man on the FBI’s most wanted list and was killed in Chicago in 1934. John Dillinger
  5. This emmy nominated talk show was filmed in Chicago Illinois for 25 years until it ended in 2011. The Oprah WInfrey Show
  6. Patrick Kane broke Flyers fans hearts in 2010 when he won the Stanley Cup by scoring on this Flyers goalie in overtime. Michael Leighton
  7. Michal Jordan dominated for the Chicago Bulls and made the #23 iconic, but what other number did Jordan wear? 45
  8. DHS should’ve called the parents of this Chicago boy after he was left home alone twice during the 1990’s. Once having thwarted the Wet Bandits. Kevin McCalister
  9. Legend has it this Women’s cow started the great Chicago fire of 1871. Ms O’Lear
  10. This rapper represents his hometown of Chicago even when he is interrupting Taylor Swift and Beck at award shows. Kanye West

TIE BREAKER: How many playoff goals does Patrick Kane have in his career. 47

Tampa Bay

  1. Pro wrestler Jim Neidhart is from Tampa Florida. What was Neidhart’s nickname in the WWE? The Anvil
  2. Out of the four major sports, how many championships does this city of Tampa have? 2. 1 from the Bucs and 1 from the Lightning
  3. Pop singer Nick Carter was born in Tampa, What major boy band is Carter apart of? Backstreet Boys
  4. The Flyers traded this defensemen to the Lightning during this years NHL Trade deadline. Who is he? Braden Coburn
  5. This 2012 movie was set in Tampa and is about a male strip club. Magic Mike
  6. Arguably the biggest professional wrestler in the history of the business, Terry Bollea better known as this, resides in Tampa Florida. Hulk Hogan
  7. He was the first overall pick in this years NFL draft to the Tampa Bay Bucs. James Winston
  8. This man screamed at you in your TV for years pitching Oxy Clean and Kaboom until his death in Tampa Bay in 2009. Billy Mayes
  9. This 1990 Tim Burton movie was set in Tampa and follows a man who can best be classified as an “unfinished creation”. What movie was it? Edward Scissorhands
  10. He bought the Yankees in 1974 and owned them until his death in Tampa Bay in 2010. George Steinbrenner

TIE BREAK: What was Edward Scissorhands US gross? 56,362,352

Random Trivia

  1. What is the name of the horse that is going for the triple crown this Saturday? American Pharaoh
  2. Whar is the name fiven to the dark areas on the surface of the sun? Sunspots
  3. Within 3, in what year did Walt Disney World open? 1971
  4. What organ is physically altered by a lobotomy? Brain
  5. At which famous American battle was general custer defeated by sitting bull? Little Big Horn
  6. Which area of Romania is known as the home of Dracula? Transsylvania
  7. Within 2, how many planets in our solar system have moons? 6
  8. What is the highest number on a standard roulette wheel? 36
  9. Crayola renamed “flesh” crayon in 1962 to the name it has today. what is it? Peach
  10. Cornelius Fudge is a character from which book series? Harry Potter

Nicholas Bubba Spaxxx

(Answers could be have to do with Nicholas’, Bubba’s, Nicholas Sparks or Bubba Sparxxx)

  1. He is currently the host of “America’s got Talent” and was married to Mariah Carrey. Nick Cannon
  2. He was the father of duchess Anastasia of Russia who was rumored to have escaped execution in 1918 by the Bolshevicks. Tsar Nicholas 2.
  3. Back in the Mudd was a song by this artist that appeared in Madden 2004. Bubba Spaxxx
  4. This actor played Ron Swanson in the hit NBC show Park’s and Red. Nick Offerman
  5. You can thank him for such movies as The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, and Message in a Bottle. Nicholas Sparks
  6. Arguably the most famous Bubba, what was Bubba from Forrest Gump’s full name? Benjamin Buford Blue.
  7. He won the Oscar for best actor in 1996. Nicholas Cage
  8. He won the Masters in 2012, and 2014. Bubba Watson
  9. This American stunt man broke both of Evil Kniveils records for jumping cars, and busses with a Harley Davidson. Bubba Blackwell
  10. The Eagles traded this man, and a 2nd round pick for QB Sam Bradford. Nick Foles

TIE BREAKER: How many passing yards does Nick Foles have in his career? 6753

Random Trivia

  1. What is the capital of Iraq? Baghdad
  2. What is the name of Dorothy dog in the wizard of Oz? Toto
  3. Who was shot dead by the FBI after leaving the biography theatre in July 1934? John Dillinger
  4. What pick do the Sixers have in the 2015 NBA Draft? 3
  5. PAX is the roman god of what? Peace
  6. Polaris is commonly known as what star? North Star
  7. What is the #2 movie in America? Mad Max
  8. The NASDAQ stock market is based in what US City? New York
  9. If its 1am in Alaska what time would it be in New York? 5am
  10. Who wrote the play Hamlet? Shakespeare


  1. What is Elton John’s middle name? a) George, b) Hercules, c) Stefan? B Hercules. He legally changed his name to Elton Hercules John
  2. Which former Heisman winner was also drafted by the Phillies out of high school? A) Tim Tebow, B) Ricky Williams C) Johnny Manziel? B Ricky Williams. He played in the Phillies system for 4 years
  3. The outlaw Black Bart robbed stage coaches from which bank? A) Wells Fargo B) JP Morgan C) Bank of New York? A Wells Fargo
  4. The Ceaser salad wasn’t invented by the Italians, but by a restaurant owner from? A) United States b) Greece C) Mexio. C Mexico
  5. How many career hits does Pete Rose have? A) 4255 B) 4265 C) 4256? C 4256 all time leader
  6. Lyme disease is named after a city In which state? A) Connecticut B) Pennsylvania C) New York. A Lyme Connecticut. Where several cases were identified in 1975
  7. How many national parks are there in the United States? A) 23 B) 58 C)398. B 58
  8. Dr. Suess’ editor challenged him to write a book containing exactly 50 words. Which book was it? A) Horton Hears a Who B) Green Eggs and Ham C) 50 Shades of Gray? B Green Eggs and Ham
  9. Writer Steven King’s real name is? A) Steven Crane B) Steven Schlotz C) Steven King. C Steven King
  10. How many calories are in a Bud Light bottle? A) 110 B) 1150 C) 125? A 110

TIE BREAKER: How many rushing yards did Ricky Williams have with the University of Texas? 6592

Random Trivia

  1. How many strikes in a row earns you a perfect game in regular 10 pin bowling? 12
  2. What war was the setting for the TV show MASH? Korean War
  3. What was the first soft drink to be consumed in outer space? Coke
  4. What side did Britain support during the US Civil War? Confederacy
  5. The Robots in Disguise are better known as what? Transformers
  6. According to the bible how many horsemen of the apocalypse are there? 4
  7. In Texas Hold Em what is the name of the fourth community card dealt? Turn
  8. What colony was established by the passengers of the Mayflower? Plymouth Colony
  9. Who won the Masters? Jordan Spieth
  10. What is the chemical symbol for calcium? Ca

What does it stand for?

  1. The Deadly virus AIDS? Acquired immune defeciancy syndrome
  2. The television network cbs? Columbia broadcasting system
  3. The computer term HTML? Hyper Text Markup Language
  4. The NCAA? National Collegiate Athletic Association
  5. When texting someone BRB what do you mean? Be right back
  6. Cable channel HBO? Home box office
  7. In the business world what does IPO stand for? Initial public offering
  8. What does the group NAACP stand for? National Association of the Advancement of colored peopl
  9. In terms of standardized testing what does SAT stand for? Scholastic Alptitude Test or the Scholastic Assesment Test
  10. When watching TV, what does TBS stand for? Turner Broadcasting system

TIE BREAKER: You have how many minutes to complete the SAT? 225

Random Trivia

  1. A Spider typically has 8 legs and 8 what? Eyes
  2. What kind of leaf Is dedicated on the Canadian Flag? Maple Leaf
  3. The term “back market” was first used during which war World War 1
  4. How many zeros are there in a trillion? 12
  5. What is added to a cosmopolitan martini to make it pink? Cranberry Juice
  6. What was the name of Vince Vaughn’s gym in the movie Dodgeball? Average Joes
  7. New Eagles QB Tim Tebow played college football where? Florida
  8. Within 6, what year did the Panama Canal open? 1914
  9. What is the center of an atom called? Nucleus
  10. What US State is the Cornhusker State? Nebraska

Who’s the dead guy

(I give you the year, location, way the died)

  1. 1876, Little Big Horn, Battle Wounds. George Custer
  2. 1916, St Petersburg, Gun Shot, Drowning, Poison. Dmitry Rasputin
  3. 1926, Detroit, Appendicitis from a gut punch. Harry Houdini
  4. 1937, Pacific Ocean, Plane Crash. Amelia Eirhart
  5. 2006, Queensland, Sting Ray Barb. Steve Irwin
  6. 2011, Palo Alto, Cancer. Steve Jobs
  7. 2006, Iraq, Hanging. Saddam Hussain
  8. 1971, Paris, Drug Overdose. Jim Morrison
  9. 1998, Nevada, Ski Accident. Sonny Bono
  10. 1984, Los Angeles, Shot by his father. Marvin Gaye.

TIE BREAKER: How many died at the Battle of Little Bighorn? 268

April Fools

  1. In 2008 the Phillies played a prank on this pitcher, telling him he had been traded to Japan for Kobayashi Imamura. Kyle Kendrick
  2. In 1996 this fast food chain put out full page adds in newspapers around the country announcing they had purchased the Liberty Bell and would rename it for marketing purposes. Taco Bell
  3. This Orson Wells radio drama struck fear into the American public who didn’t realize it was a scripted drama, and not a real life Alien Invasion. War of the Worlds
  4. This TV show, hosted by Ashton Kutcher, caught celebrities in prank situations for the enjoyment of the viewing public. Punkd
  5. This actor went off the deep end, and made a documentary about his “budding” rap career. But it was later revealed it was a joke. Joaquin Phoenix
  6. In 1989 a Seattle morning show showed video of this famous building collapsing. Which clogged 911 phone lines. The Space Needle
  7. In 2011 this email service announced a new form of technology that would allow people to write emails with nothing more than a webcams and hand motions. Gmail
  8. In  1878 a New York Newspaper announced that this famous inventor had created a machine that turned soil into cereal and water. Thomas Edison
  9. In 1992 Passengers flying to the 2nd most populated city in America read a sign as they arrived that read “Welcome to Chicago”. What city were they headed to? Los Angeles
  10. In 2008 YouTube redirected every single video to this 1987 hit, that is arguably the greatest song of all time. What is that song. Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley

TIE BREAKER: What is the population of Los Angeles? 3,884,307 

Random Trivia

  1. What type of alcohol is used to make a Mint Julep? Bourbon
  2. What is the name of the very first space shuttle? Columbia
  3. What beer shares its name with the river that runs through Amsterdam? Amstel
  4. What kind of animal is called a heffalump in Winnie The Pooh? An Elephant
  5. What city was home to the NBA’s Jazz before moving to Utah? New Orleans
  6. Who was named the Phillies opening day starter? Cole Hamels
  7. What agricultural crop is Cuba’s main export? Sugar
  8. Who turned all he touched to gold? King Midas
  9. What two colors are the Swiss flag? Red and White
  10. On what continent is Mt Vesuvius? Europe

The Letter P

  1. This saint wrote letter after letter to the Corinthians. No word on if they ever wrote back. Paul
  2. Ash Ketchum was stuck with this yellow Pokémon. Pikachu
  3. This fad diet is sometimes called the Caveman diet but its official name is what? Paleo
  4. This ford product wasn’t exactly a hit with consumers when it was found out that the fuel tank would explode if the vehicle was rear ended. Ford Pinto
  5. This beer is a staple among hipsters everywhere after winning a prestigious award at the Chicago’s World Fair. Pabst Blue Ribbon
  6. After Robin Thicke cheated on his wife he tried to win her back by naming his next CD after her. What is her name. Paula Patton
  7. “Once you pop the fun don’t stop” Pringles
  8. This baseball team is supposed to win 68 games TOPS and will likely drive me to drink heavily this season. Phillies
  9. She was Doug Funny’s main squeeze for the entire run of the show. Patty Mayonnaise
  10. Botany is the study of what? Plants

TIE BREAKER: How many episodes of Doug were there? 117

St Patricks Day

  1. What animal did St Patrick drive out of Ireland? Snakes
  2. Hockey Hall of Famer Patrick Roy started his career with this team, and currently coaches this team? 1 point for each correct response. Montreal Canadians, Colorado Avalanche
  3. What was the name of Patrick Swayze’s character in the 1991 movie “Point BreakBohdi
  4. How many wins has Nascar driver Danica Patrick had in Nascar? 0
  5. He has hosted Wheel of Fortune since 1983. Pat Sajak
  6. He famously said “Give me liberty or give me death” and is known as a founding father of America. Patrick Henry
  7. Patrick Stewart is known for playing Professor X in the X-men movies. What is professor X’s full name? Charles Xavier
  8. Patrick Dempsy has played this character on the ABC show Greys Annatomy since 2005. Dr Derek Shepard
  9. Because of the hanging chad ballots this famous Pat inadvertently stole votes away from George Bush & Al Gore in the 2000 presidential race. Pat Buchanan
  10. He became the first overall pick of the New York Knicks in the 1985 NBA draft. Patrick Ewing

TIE BREAKER: How old would Saint Patrick have been in 1999? 1612

Random Trivia

  1. Where is the worlds largest McDonald’s? New York New York, Beijing China, Tokyo Japan? Beijing China
  2. A Shoe Repairman is called what? Cobbler
  3. What decade was the game monopoly invented? 1920,1930,1940? 1932
  4. What is the smallest planet in our solar system? Mercury
  5. The play jersey boys is about what musical group? Frankie Valley and the Four Seasons
  6. In what season do most burglaries take place? Winter
  7. What is the only state whos name is a single syllable? Maine
  8. What is the only fruit to have its seeds on the outside? Strawberry
  9. A Haberdasher makes what? Suits
  10. What river did Tom Saywer and Huck Finn sail down? Mississippi

Random Trivia

  1. A haiku has how many syllables? 17
  2. Who employs Alfred Pennyworth? Bruce Wayne/batman
  3. What ABA team sold the rights to Julius Erving to the Sixers. NY Nets
  4. Where does the Mona Lisa hang? The Louvre
  5. What is the largest gland in the human body? The Liver
  6. What is the #1 movie in America? 50 Shades of Grey
  7. What is Kramer’s first name on the show Seinfeld? Cosmo
  8. Grenada is apart of which continent? North America
  9. How many Stanley Cups do the Flyers have? 2
  10. Which US State would you find a permafrost? Alaska


  1. This Civil War generals mustache was so epic, that he is the reason we call sideburns sideburns. General  Ambrose burnside
  2. This United States president, while sporting an iconic mustache, was shot during a speech in 1912 and instead of heading right to a hospital he continued to give the speech. Teddy Roosevelt
  3. This 20th century surrealist painter from Spain was known for his works with melting clocks, and ants. Salvador Dali
  4. This 79 year old actor is known for such movies as cocoon, and the Natural where he played the Knights manager, but nowadays he is known for his Liberty Medical commercials focusing on Diabetes. Wilford Brimley
  5. Hulk Hogans iconic fu man chu type mustache can be seen in Rocky 3 where he played a wrestler named what? Thunder Lips
  6. this former Magnum PI, and 3 men and a baby star is currently sporting his mustache on CBS’ hit show Bluebloods. Tom Selleck
  7. Answer: This Canadian has sported his famous stache hosting one of the most popular television game shows since the shows debut in 1984. Who Is Alex Trebek.
  8. Philadelphia was first introduced to Andy Reid and his mustache in 1999 when the Eagles hired Reid away from this team. Green Bay Packers
  9. This infamous mustache graced the cover of Time Magainze in 1938 as Time’s man of the year. Adolf Hitler
  10. This iconic rock front man from Tanzania known for his flamboyant style succumbed to aids in 1991. Freddy Mercury

TIE BREAKER: How many episodes of Jeopardy have there been? 9,588

Random Trivia

  1. What is the term for any four sided figure? Quadrilateral
  2. Who wrote the book “To Kill a Mocking Bird”? Harper Lee
  3. What is the two letter abbreviation for the state of Virginal? VA
  4. What hobby has terms like “yarn over” and “Pop corn” Knitting
  5. How many total points were scored in Super Bowl 49? 52
  6. What was the name of the political police in Nazi Germany? Gestapo
  7. What US State is nicknamed the “Buckeye State”? Ohio
  8. Monterey Bay is located in what body of water? Pacific Ocean
  9. What US State is home to the Augusta National Golf Club? Georgia
  10. What Small guitar was patented in Hawaii in 1917? Ukulele

New England

  1. Which Boston based school’s mascot is the beaver? Harvard or MIT? MIT
  2. What razor company sponsors the Patriots stadium? Gillete
  3. This historic reenactment takes place every year in Boston Harbor on December 16th. The Boston Tea Party
  4. This American brewing company was founded in 1984 by owner Jim Koch and is based in Boston. Samuel Adams
  5. There were six QBs taken in the 2000 NFL draft before the Patriots took Tom Brady. For 1 point each, name all 6 QBs. Chad Pennington, Giovanni Carmizzi, Chris Redman, Spurgeon Wynn, Mark Burger, Tee Martin
  6. Matt Damon, along with fellow New Englander Ben Affleck wrote this 1997 movie that won 2 Oscars. Good Will Hunting
  7. This director finally won the Oscar for best director in 2006 for his movie “The Departed” which took place in Boston. Martin Scorsese
  8. This Silversmith played a huge part in the American Revolution by putting some lanterns up in a church. Who was he? Paul Revere
  9. Which president was born in Connecticut? George W Bush, George HW Bush, Obama, or Clinton? George W Bush
  10. What is the capital of Vermont? Montpelier

TIE BREAKER: What is the population of Foxborough Massachusetts? 16,865


  1. This former Phillies pitcher/broadcaster has become a Seahawks fan after years of living in Seattle. Jamie Moyer
  2. He’s from Seattle, but he is best known for being the lead singer of the bands Sound Garden & Audioslave. Chris Cornell
  3. He was born Ben Haggerty, but this Seattle based hip hop artist has been repping his hometown of Seattle well before he was winning Grammy’s. Macklemore
  4. Bill Gates and Paul Allen are both from Seattle. Its where they started this tech company. Microsoft
  5. This Cheers spinoff was set in Seattle for all 11 seasons it was on the air. Fraiser
  6. What member of the Seahawks refuses to talk to the media? Marshawn Lynch
  7. The ALMOST Oscar winning movie War games was set in Seattle. What was the name of the computer in that movie? WOPR
  8. Lloyd Dobler & Diane Court are the main characters of this 1989 romantic comedy that was set in Seattle. Say Anything
  9. This Seattle based food company got its name from the book Moby Dick. This store can be found on just about every corner in suburban USA. Starbucks
  10. How many Super Bowls have the Seahawks won? 1

TIE BREAKER: How many Starbucks are there? 21,475

Celebrities Real Names:

  1. Pop star Kate Hudson is better known by what? Katy Perry
  2. Childrens Writer Theodore Geisel. Dr. Seuss
  3. TV News host Lawrence Ziegler is better known by what name? Larry King
  4. Actor Ramon Antonio Estevez is better known by what name? Charlie Sheen
  5. Rocker Chaim Witz is better known as what? Gene Simmons
  6. Actress/ Model Norma Jean Mortensen is known as what? Marilyn Monroe
  7. A little awkward, this actor was born Michael Douglas, but changed his name to this. Michael Keaton
  8. Magician Ehrich Weiss changed his name to this, because Ehric Weiss doesn’t roll off that tongue. Harry Houdini.
  9. Famous athlete Cassius Clay is known world wide as? Muhammad Ali
  10. This actor was born Nicholas Coppola but changed his name to this. Nick Cage

TIE BREAKER: Martin Sheen, Charlie Sheen, Emilio Estevez are a combined what age? Martin Sheen (74) Charlie Sheen (49) Emilio Estevez (52) 175

Random Trivia

  1. What US State has the longest coastline? Alaska
  2. Sutters Mill 1849 was the location where this started. California Gold Rush 
  3. Who played Kevin Arnold on the show “The Wonder Years” Fred Savage
  4. What is a hockey puck made out of? Rubber
  5. into which sea does the Nile River flow into? Mediterranean
  6. What is the process of splitting atoms called? Fission
  7. What is the #1 Movie in America? American Sniper
  8. What two teams are headed to the Super Bowl?
  9. What city do the Flintstones live in? Bedrock
  10. What was the scarecrow lacking in the Wizard of Oz? Brain

The Letter C

  1. What is unique about Camels eye lids? See through, also 3 of them
  2. This became the 38th state in 1876. Colorado
  3. This generation defining debut hip hop album came out December15th 1992. Dr Dre the Chronic
  4. Mother Theresa lived here until her death in 1997. Calcutta
  5. Michelangelo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would often say this phrase. Cowabunga
  6. If you played video games in the 90s chances are you played Crash Bandicoot. What year did Crash Bandicoot first come out? 1996
  7. This pamphlet, written by Thomas Paine, inspired colonists to declare their independence from Engalnd. Common Sense
  8. Harland David Sanders is better known as what? Colonel sanders
  9. How many presidents first names, if any, start with the letter C? Bonus point if you name the president/s. 2 Chester A Arthur, Calvin Cooledge
  10. In June 1984 the band Night Ranger introduced America to their Sister with this power ballad. Sister Christian.How many seconds long is the Dr Dre Album The Chronic? 62 minutes, 52 seconds for a grand total of 3772 seconds.

Random Trivia

  1. In a deck of playing cards, who is the only king without a mustache? King of hearts
  2. What two teams are playing in the NCAA Football national championship? Oregon and Ohio State
  3. What is the #1 movie in America? The Hobbit
  4. Which ear did Van Goh cut off? His left or right? Left
  5. What is the world’s smallest country? Vatican City
  6. What is tonight’s specialty shot?
  7. What state did Vice President Joe Bidden represent in the senate? Delaware
  8. What is the #1 selling beer in the world? Bud Light
  9. What is bigger? The state of Florida or England? Florida
  10. Including Pennsylvania, how many states feature a city, or town named Philadelphia? 5. Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Indiana, New York, Tennessee


  1. Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, and Olivia Wilde starred in this 2011 action movie set in 1873. Cowboys and Aliens
  2. This actor plays Jeremiah the cowboy in the movie franchise “Night at the Museum”. Owen Wilson
  3. Who is the owner of the Dallas Cowboys? Jerry Jones
  4. This artist had a hit with the song “Cowboy” from his 1998 album “Devil without a cause” Kid Rock
  5. Christian Haren, Darrell Winfield, and Brad Johnson all played this famous Cowboy spokesperson. The Marlboro Man
  6. Arguably the most famous Cowboy actor appearing in 181 movies and TV shows, Marion Mitchell Morrison is better known as this. John Wayne
  7. What was the score the last time the Eagles played the Cowboys? 33-10
  8. Cowboy black Bart was a good mannered stage coach robber who robbed from this companies stage coaches. You might even bank with this company. Wells Fargo
  9. This famous cowboys was a dentist, gambler, and gunfighter at the O.K. Corral gunfight. He did not win a Cy Young award with the Phillies in 2010. Doc Holladay.
  10. This Cowboys built their 90’s dynasty primarily from draft picks they acquired when they traded RB Herschel Walker to this team. Minnesota Vikings.

TIE BREAKER: How many yards did Herschel Walker rush for as a member of the Cowboys? 3,491

Troubled Celebrities

  1. Robert Downey Jr has revived his career in the Iron Man franchise where he plays this playboy billionaire. (no points for saying Iron Man). Tony Stark
  2. Lindsay Logan is trying to turn her career around. She had a chance to in 2009 but passed on the role of “jade” in this blockbuster comedy. The Hangover
  3. Hugh Grant was arrested in 1995 after Cops caught him with a prostitute. In the days that followed, Grant appeared on this late night talk show where the host asked him “what the hell were you thinking?” (Bonus point for the name of the hooker. Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Divine Brown
  4. Mike Tyson has been in trouble with the law since he was a kid, but in 1990 he was the heavy weight champ. That is, until he was upset in Tokyo by this boxer in one of the biggest upsets in boxing history. Buster Douglas.
  5. Lil Kim was sentenced to 1 year in prison in 2006 for perjury. But she won a Grammy award for this song. A collaboration with Christina Aguilera, Pink, and Missy Elliot. Lady Marmalada
  6. In 2002 Joshua Jackson was arrested for assaulting a security guard at a hockey game. Which is ironic because Jackson might be best known for playing this character in the Mighty Ducks franchise. Charlie Conway
  7. This Hollywood heiress serves 22 days in jail in 2007 for driving twice with a suspended license. Paris Hilton
  8. Paul Rubens, better known as this, was arrested in 1991 for indecent exposure at a porno theatre. He was then arrested for child porno in 2002. Pee Wee Herman
  9. This world famous New Jersey singer was arrested in 1938 for “Seduction and Adultery”. His mugshot can most likely be found at every poster section in a college book store. Frank Sinatra
  10. This famous skateboarder, best known for his work on MTV, has been arrested for most things that are associated with being a jackals. He lives in West Chester PA. Bam Margera

TIE BREAKER: How many professional fights did Mike Tyson have in his career? 50

The letter E

  1. What is the capital of Scotland? Edinburgh
  2. This company makes such video games as Madden 15, Fifa 15, and NHL 15. EA
  3. What is Elvis Presley’s middle name? (doesn’t begin with an E) Aaron
  4. This female pioneer went missing in 1937 at the age of 39 and was never seen again. Hillary Swank played her in a movie in  2009. Amelia Earhart
  5. This power ballad was the band’s “poison”s only number 1 hit in the US. Every Rose has its thron
  6. What does the E in ESPN stand for? Entertainment and Sports Programing Network.
  7. Mary Hart cohosted this show from 1982 to 2011 on CBS. Entertainment Tonight
  8. According to the Beatles. She picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been. Eleanor Rigby
  9. The custody and immigration status of this 7 year old Cuban defector was a hot topic in the year 2000. He was returned to Cuba at his fathers request in June of 2000. Elian Gonzalez
  10. In what year did Tickle Me Elmo become the must have toy for Christmas? 1999

TIE BREAKER: what is the population of Edinburgh Scottland? 1,305,300

Random Trivia

  1. What is the capital of India? New Dehli
  2. What was civil rights leader Martin Luther King’s profession? Minister
  3. In what year did the Berlin wall come down? 1999
  4. Michael Jackson was born in this Indiana Town. Gary Indiana
  5. How many balls, not including the cue ball, are on a pool table to start the game? 15
  6. A Cartographer is a maker of what? Maps
  7. How many chambers does the human heart have? 4
  8. In the bible, who wore a coat of many colors? Joseph
  9. Art Garfunkels singing partner was whom? Paul Simon
  10. What do you call a group of geese? Gaggle

Famous Jews

  1. Along with the help of his best friend, this entrepreneur created the social network site Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg
  2. Jerry Stiller played this character on the hit 90’s show Seinfeld. Frank Costanza
  3. In the 2001 movie “Saving Silverman” Jason Biggs and his 2 friends were in a coverband of this famous Jewish singer. Neil Diamond
  4. In 1992 Woody Allen decided to break up with this actress, and start dating her 20 year old adopted daughter. Mia Farrow
  5. In 2011 this politician landed in hot water after a sexting scandal. He clearly didn’t learn his lesson as he was caught sexting another women in 2013 under the name “Carlos Danger” Anthony Weiner
  6. In 1976 Dustin Hoffman starred in this true story where he portrayed Carl Bernstein, a reporter who unearthed what scandal. Watergate
  7. This coach led the Sixes to the NBA Championship in 2001, today he is the head coach of SMU. Larry Brown
  8. In 1986 this actor was taking roll looking for “Buehler,….buehler….buehler”. In Ferris Buehler day off. Nowadays he’s trying to convince you that for dry eyes, or red eyes you need clear eyes. Ben Stein
  9. You can visit the Anne Frank house but you’d have to go to this city located in the Netherlands. Amsterdam
  10. Shea Labeouf might be best known for his role in the transformers franchise, but he gained notoriety by playing Louis Stevens in this Disney Channel show. Even Stevens

TIE BREAKER How many directing credits does Woody Allen have to his name? 50

Random Trivia

  1. What city does the Tour De France end in? Paris
  2. Who is Fred Flintstones best friend? Barney Rubble
  3. There are Four US States that begin with the letter W, name them. Washington West Virgina, Wyoming, Wisconsin
  4. What chess piece has a horses head? Knight
  5. Who played the role of Jesse Katsopolis on the TV Show Full House. John Stamos
  6. Which French term literally means “Fat Tuesday” Mardi Gras
  7. What is the #1 movie in America? Hunger Games Mockingjay
  8. What baseball hall of farmer was nicknamed Hamerin Hank. Hank Aaron
  9. Goldie Hawn’s daughter is also an actress. What is her name? Kate Hudson
  10. Which planet is named after the God of the sky? Uranus


  1. What candy does Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch eat after every TD? Skittles
  2. Nirvana footman Kurt Cobain was married to whom? Courtney Love
  3. This Seattle band closed the Philadelphia Spectrum with 4 straight shows in 2009. Pearl Jam
  4. What is Seattle’s nickname? (you probably wont find the Wizard in Seattle) Emerald City
  5. Rocker Dave Grohl was a huge part of the grunge movement. He was in the band Nirvana, what role did he play in the band? Drummer
  6. In what decade did the first Starbucks open? Bonus point if you get the exact year correct. 1971
  7. This multi billion dollar online retailer is headquartered in Seattle. Its original name was Relentless.com. Amazon
  8. This observation deck was built for the 1962 World’s Fair and has become a landmark for the city of Seattle. Space Needle
  9. This is Seahawks coach Pete Carol’s second head coaching job in the NFL, what team was his first? Patriots
  10. This world famous martial arts action star was born in San Francisco but raised in Seattle before dying at the age of 32. Bruce Lee

TIE BREAKER: What was Amazon’s revenue in 2012? $61 Billion

Video Games

  1. This 2012 Disney Movie was about a video game villain who wanted to be a good guy. Wreck it Ralph
  2. Inky Blink Pinky and Clyde are known as what? Pac Man Ghosts
  3. This actress played video game character Lara Croft in the movie franchise “Tomb Raider” in 2001 and 2003. Angelina Jolie
  4. What Seattle Seahawk is currently on the cover of Madden 15? Richard Sherman
  5. This was the last console created by Sega. It came out in 1999 and was the first system to feature online play. Dreamcast.
  6. What was the name of Sonic the Hedgehog’s sidekick? Tails
  7. This 1982 movie was about a computer programmer who is transported into the software world. He is able to come back and creates a video game about his experience. Tron
  8. What color is the ring of death on an Xbox that signifies a hardware failure that can’t be repaired. Yellow, RED, Blue? Red
  9. What is the name of the character you play in the Legend of Zelda? Link
  10. If you don’t play this app game, which is #3 on Apple’s Top Grossing Apps, you’re probably inundated on Facebook by people asking you for lives. CandyCrush.

TIE BREAKER: How many people have rated Candy Crush on the Apple App store? 8,746

Celeb Who Served

  1. This current host of the price is right served 6 years in the US Marine Corp. Drew Carrey
  2. Mr T was in the US Army before he played this Chicago brawler in Rocky 3. Clubber Lang
  3. You only have to buy 1 vowel to spell this game show hosts name. He was a radio DJ for the armed forced during the Vietnam War. Pat Sajak
  4. This former king of late night TV decoded messages for the US Navy during World War 2. Johnny Carson
  5. Before creating this burger franchise, Dave Thomas served 3 years in the Korean War. Wendys
  6. Author Theodore Geisel, better known as this, worked as a cartoonist who created pro war propaganda posters during World War 2. Dr Seuss
  7. This pioneer comedian, who is best known for his 7 dirty words, was a radar technician for the US Air Force. George Carlin
  8. Before playing and coaching the Charlestown Chiefs in the movie Slap Shot, and before creating salad dressing, this actor served in the US Navy during WW2. Paul Newman
  9. This director started his career serving in the US Army during the Vietnam war, and then brought it to the big screen by writing and directing 1986′s Platoon. Oliver Stone
  10. This Boston Red Sox legend put his Hall of Fame baseball career on hold to serve his country during World War 2. He was the late player in MLB history to hit .400 in a season. Ted Williams

TIE BREAKER: How many books did Dr Seuss publish? 46

Tennessee Titans

  1. What is the most populated city in Tennessee? Knoxville, Memphis, Nashville? Memphis
  2. If you want to watch the hit TV Show Nashville what channel would you go to? ABC
  3. Former Eagles WR Terrell Owens went to what college located in Tennessee? University of Tennessee Chattanooga.
  4. What was the name of the head coach in the movie “Remember the Titans”? Herman Boone
  5. Nicknamed the “King of the Wild Frontier” this folk hero was the Tennessee representative in the US house of representatives. Davy Crockett
  6. In the 2010 movie “Clash of the Titans” what actor/badass played Zeus? Liam Neeson
  7. The home of Elvis Presley is located in Memphis Tennessee. What is it called? Graceland
  8. The Tennessee Titans used to be what NFL team? Houston Oilers
  9. This pitcher hit a HR in the 2008 World Series for the Phillies, and went undefeated that year as a member of the Phillies. Joe Blanton
  10. This singer, who was born in Tennessee, started out her career on the Disney show Hannah Montana. Miley Cyrus

TIE BREAKER: How many strike outs did Joe Blanton have in his career? 1086


  1. This half hour comedy show was on Fox for 8 years and was set in Green Bay Wisconsin. It could be described as a period piece. That 70’s show
  2. What state is directly below Wisconsin? Illinois
  3. This Wisconsin representative was chosen as Mitt Romney’s running mate in 2012 against President Obama. Paul Ryan
  4. Who originally drafted QB Brett Favre, before he was traded to the Packers in 1992? Atlanta Falcons
  5. This Wisconsin politician stuck fear in the America public in the 50’s that communism was coming to America and started a modern day which hunt to find Communist sympathizers. Joseph McCarthy
  6. The 2009 film Public Enemy was fimed in Wisconsin. Johnny Depp played this gangster, who was the first man on the FBI’s most wanted list. John Dillinger
  7. During the 2003-2004 NFL playoffs QB Donovan McNabb hit this Eagles WR on 4th and 26 to get the first down, and lead the team to a game winning field goal. Freddy Mitchell
  8. This beer’s founder is from Wisconsin. It got its name from winning the best beer competition at the 1890 Chicago’s World’s Fair. Pabst Blue Ribbon
  9. This SNL mainstay was from Wisconsin. He passed away in 1997 from an 8 Ball overdose. Chris Farley
  10. Who was the only NFL team to hand legendary Packers coach Vince Lombardi his only playoff loss. Eagles

TIE BREAKER: How many INT did Brett Favre throw in his career? 336


  1. Think Small. Volkswagon
  2. All the News that’s fit to print. The New York Times
  3. Where’s the beef? Wendys
  4. Power to the Players. Gamestop
  5. Plop plop fiz fiz oh what a relief it is. Alka Selzer
  6. Every kiss begins with kay. Kay Jewlers
  7. Theyrrreeee Great! Frosted Flakes
  8. Moving at the speed of business. UPS
  9. Good to the last drop. Maxell House Coffee
  10. Philly’s first FM sports station. 97.5 the fanatic.

TIE BREAKER: How many locations did Gamestop have in 2012? 6627

The Carolinas

(Tell me which one it is. North Carolina or South Carolina)

  1. Duke University. North Carolina
  2. Lowes home improvement store. Their headquartered where? North Carolina
  3. Andrew Jackson, the man on the $20 bill, is from where? North Carolina
  4. US Senators are Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott. South Carolina
  5. Godfather of Soul James Brown. South Carolina
  6. Carolina Hurricanes. North Carolina
  7. Actor Aziz Ansari. South Carolina
  8. Carolina Panthers. North Carolina
  9. Where did Lawrence Taylor go to school? North Carolina
  10. 8th state to ratify the constitution. South Carolina

TIE BREAKER: What was the population of South Carolina in 1840? 594,398

Random Trivia

  1. Who is the Eagles new starting QB. Mark Sanchez
  2. In which decade was the rubix cube invented? 1970’s
  3. Voting day is always held on what day of the week. Tuesday
  4. What famous writer’s hometown is Stratford Upon Avon? Shakespeare
  5. How many lines are in a limerick? 5
  6. Who did the Sixes play tonight? Magic
  7. What planet is named after the God of Love? Venus
  8. What is the largest city in India? Bombay
  9. Brittany Maynard committed suicide on Sunday. It was legal in the state of Oregon thanks to what controversial law? Death with dignity
  10. What was the second plague of Egypt? Frogs


  1. What was the name of the offensive coordinator of the Houston Oilers  that Buddy Ryan punched during the 1994 NFL season? Kevin Gilbride
  2. “Houston We have a problem” was a phrase that was uttered during which Apollo mission? Apollo 13
  3. What general is Houston named after? Sam Houston
  4. This company, which was headquartered in Houston, was worth $111 billion in 2000. But in 2001 it was revealed that they were cooking the books and were hit with accounting fraud. Enron
  5. During the 1984 NBA draft Michael Jordan was drafted 3rd overall. This player, from the University of Houston, was drafted first overall. Hakeem Olajuwon
  6. The Space shuttle challenger blew up shortly after leaving Houston in what year? (Within 2) 1986
  7. This three piece girl group, who had hits with songs like Survivor and Say my name, is from Houston Texas. Destiny’s child
  8. This billionaire aviator and film maker is from Houston. His life was made into a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Howard Hughes
  9. The movie Armageddon was set in Houston. What band had a major hit from that movie with a song from the soundtrack. It is quite possibly the best worst song in the history of music. Aerosmith I don’t want to miss a thing
  10. The first ever draft pick by the Houston Texans organization was this player. David Carr

TIE BREAKER: How many sacks did David Carr take in his career? 267

Random Trivia

  1. The catholic church celebrates what day on November 1st? All Saints Day
  2. Who was the youngest member of the Jackson 5. Michael Jackson
  3. A proton has what type of charge? Positive or negative? Positive
  4. The firm was this authors first #1 best seller. John Grisham
  5. Charles Goodyear founded what company? Goodyear tires
  6. Which rock guitarist did Johnny Depp use as inspiration for Captain Jack Sparrow? Keith Richards
  7. What is larger? The US Gallon or the imperial gallon? Imperial
  8. The pathfinder spacecraft landed on what planet in 1997? Mars
  9. Benedict Arnold became an American traitor in what war? Revolutionary
  10. Within 3, how many countries border Brazil? 10

Random Trivia

  1. What founding father was pictured on the first US adhesive stamp? Benjamin Franklin
  2. What was the #1 movie in America this past week? Fury
  3. What is the largest muscle in the human body? Gluteus maximums, your butt
  4. What is a group of lions called? Pride
  5. In which sea is the island country of Malta located in? Mediterranean
  6. In the movie Saving Private Ryan, how many sons did Mrs Ryan have in the war? Four
  7. If I give you a handful of coins, and you have 2 Abraham Lincolns, 5 Thomas Jeffersons, 1 sackagewa, and 10 FDR’s, how much money do you have? $2.27
  8. which continent would you find Victoria Falls, the worlds largest water fall. Africa
  9. Where is Luke Skywalker planning on going to get power converters? Tosche Station
  10. What is the official state tree of California? Redwood


  1. This 2008 Presidential hopeful is a senator in Arizona. John McCain
  2. This former Arizona Cardinals free safety died in 2004 from friendly fire after serving in Iraq. Bonus point if you tell me what college he went to. Pat Tillman, Arizona State
  3. Which river runs through the Grand Canyon? Colorado
  4. In 2013 this man, from a historic family, walked across the Grand Canyon on a tight rope with no nets, or tethers. Nick Wallenda
  5. True or False. The University of Phoenix is NOT headquartered in Phoenix? False
  6. What current Philadelphia Eagle went to the University of Arizona? Nick Foles
  7. Ted Danson is from Arizona. He might be best known for owning this bar, where everybody knows your name. Cheers
  8. Dave Mustain, who is the founder of this metal band, is from Arizona. Megadeath
  9. Actress Emma Stone is from Arizona. She plays what comic book character in the new adaptation of the Spider Man movies? Gwen Stacey
  10. Arizona Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald was drafted what overall in the 2004 NFL Draft? 3rd.

TIE BREAKER: How many TD does Larry Fitzgerald have in his NFL career? 88

Random Trivia

  1. Where does Yogi Bear live? Jellystone National Park
  2. Within 5, how many inches long is a giraffes tongue? 17
  3. In the novel “To Kill a mocking bird” what was Aticus Finch’s occupation? Lawyer
  4. The first Ebola victim in the United States died in which state? Texas
  5. What was the name of Pocahontas’ love interest? John Smith
  6. What planet is famous for its big red spot? Jupitar
  7. Who was the commander of the starship enterprise? James T Kirk
  8. How many colors are there on a standard Rubik’s cube? Six
  9. What TV Character sings the song “Smelly Cat”? Phoebe from Friends
  10. What is a group of Dolphins called? Pod/School

The Bye Week

  1. “It might sound Crazy but it ain’t no lie, Bye Bye Bye” is a line from a hit song by this boy band. Nsync
  2. Best Buy was founded in either the 1960’s or the 1970’s. Which decade was it founded in? Bonus point if you get the exact year correct. 1966
  3. Dick Van Dyke starred in this 1963 musical about a rock singer making his farewell television performance. Bye Bye Birdie
  4. Bayside high school was the setting for this awesome 90’s TV show. Saved By the Bell
  5. Ron Woodroof, & Rayon are the two main characters in this Oscar nominated 2013 movie. Dallas Buyers Club
  6. The plot for this 1987 Patrick Dempsey movie is a nerdy outcast secretly pays the most popular girl in school $1,000 to be his girlfriend. What is that movie? Can’t Buy Me Love
  7. This 1973 album was the 7th studio album from Elton John, and was ranked as the 91st best album of all time by Rolling Stone. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
  8. If you listen to Phillies games play by play man Jim Jackson says this after every homerun (2 word) Gone Goodbye
  9. This nursery ryme was first published in Mother Goose’s melody in 1765. Rock-A-bye baby
  10. Goodbye World was a 2013 movie starring actor Adrian Greiner. Greiner is famous for playing Vincent Chase on this hit HBO show. Entourage

Tie Breaker: What was the box office take for Bye Bye Birdie? $13,129,412.

Random Trivia

  1. Who wrote “A Farewell to arms”? Earnest Hemingway
  2. What color flag is waved to indicate “caution” in auto racing? Yellow
  3. Within 1, how many different falling pieces are there in the game Tetris? 7
  4. which two major US Public figures were assassinated in the United States in 1968 (1 point for each) MLK Jr and Bobby Kennedy
  5. Which US State was the first to secede from the union in 1860? South Carolina
  6. Heineken beer originated in which country? The Netherlands
  7. Within 5, how many points is a bullseye worth in the game of darts? 50
  8. What is the top layer of the earth called? Crust
  9. Who is the voice of Woody in the Toy Story series? Tom Hanks
  10. Lincoln is the capital of which US State? Nebraska


  1. The Cardiff Giant is located in the Farmers Museum which is located where? Canton Ohio, Cooperstown New York, Springfield Massachusetts? Cooperstown New York
  2. What was the name of Andre The Giants character in Princess Bride? Fezzik
  3. The 2013 movie Jack the Giant Slayer was a retelling of what famous fairy tale? Jack and the beanstalk
  4. What was the name of the Giants WR who caught a 32 yard catch on his helmet with 1:15 remaining which ended up leading to the Giants winning Super Bowl 42? David Tyree
  5. In the movie “The Little Giants” what was the last name of the two brothers who formed spate football teams that would play each other for the town? Kevin and Danny O’Shea
  6. which San Francisco Giant hit the “Shot heard round the world” in the 1951 NL Pennant to send the Giants to the World Series. Bonus point if you tell me the pitcher who surrendered the HR. Bobby Thompson off Ralph Branca
  7. Sameer Gadhia, Jacob Tilley, Eric Cannata, Payam Doostzadeh, and Francois Comtois are members of which indie rock band? Young and the Giant
  8. In the biblical story of David and Goliath what weapon did David use to defeat the giant Goliath? Sling shot and rocks
  9. This former New York Giant took over for Regis Filbin as Kelly Ripa’s cohort. Bonus point if you tell me what college he went to. Michael Strahan, Texas Southern.
  10. When the Phillies traded Hunter Pence to the Giants they received three awful players for him. For 1 point each, name all three. Nate Schierholtz, Tommy Joseph, Seth Rosin

Tie Breaker: How many sacks did Michael Strahan have in his career? 141.5

St Louis

  1. You can find this pilots plane at the national air and space museum. It was the first to make a transatlantic flight. 1 point for the name of the pilot, 1 point for the plane’s name. Charles Limburg’s Spirit of St Louis
  2. Actor John Goodman is from St Louis. What famous baseball player did he portray in a bio pic? Babe Ruth
  3. What major river runs through St Louis? Mississippi.
  4. This poet laureate was born in St Louis. She’s best known for her autobiography I know why the cage bird sings. Maya Angelou
  5. This national sports broadcaster is from St Louis, just like his father. If youre wondering, yes he does in fact hate your favorite team. Who is he? Joe Buck
  6. Actor Jon Hamm is from St Louis. He won a golden globe for playing this character on the hit AMC show Mad Men. Don Draper
  7. The 2002 crime thriller Red Dragon was set in St Louis. It is a prequel to this Oscar winning movie from 1992. Silence of the Lambs
  8. This recently deceased actor/director was born in St Louis. He’s probably best known for his role as Egon Spangler in Ghost Busters. Harold Ramis
  9. The Lewis and Clark expedition ended in St Louis. What was the name of the indian women who accompanied them acting as an interpreter and a guide? Sacagawea
  10. Kurt Warner went from unknown grocery bagger, to backup QB, and eventually the winning QB in the Superbowl in 1999 for the Rams. What was the name of the QB who got injured, which opened the door for Warner’s stardom? Trent Green

Bonus Point. How many miles long is the Mississippi river? 2340 miles

Random Trivia

  1. On a map the vertical lines are called what? Longitude
  2. What popular spirit can be made from Potatoes? Vodka
  3. Which US City is known as the birthplace of Jazz? New Orleans
  4. Which is longer a python or a boa constrictor? A Python
  5. Which river separates Mexico from the US? Rio Grande
  6. Which creatures bite can lead to Lyme disease? tic
  7. Which 2 scrabble letters have the highest point value? (1 point for each) Q & z
  8. If you’re considered a Pisces you were born in which 2 months? February & March
  9. What is the worlds fastest dog? Greyhound
  10. In which US State would you find the zip code 12345? New York

San Francisco

  1. He was the first openly gay person to be elected to public office when he won a seat on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Harvey Milk
  2. In what decade did they start construction on the Golden Gate bridge? Bonus point if you get the exact year correct. 1933
  3. The San Francisco Cable Car is the only type of this national landmark. Mobile
  4. What popular social network started in San Francisco? Twitter
  5. What food is marketed as the San Francisco treat? Rice a Roni
  6. “The Catch” is one of the most famous plays in NFL history when in the 1982 NFC championship game Joe Montana hit this WR in the back of the endzone with 58 seconds left to send the 49ers to the Super Bowl. Dwight Clark
  7. How many people have successfully escaped Alcatraz prison? None
  8. Why are the 49ers named after? 1849 Gold Rush
  9. The new version of Planet of the Apes is set in San Francisco. What is the name of James Franco’s ape who becomes extremely intelligent and leads the other apes. Ceaser
  10. Within 2 how many confirmed deaths were at the hand of the Zodiac Killer? 5

TIE BREAKER: How many prisoners tried to escape Alcatraz prison? 36

Random Trivia

  1. What is the #1 movie in America? No Good Deed
  2. What object gives the green lantern his power? A ring
  3. In what decade did America purchase Alaska? Bonus point if you get the exact year correct. 1867
  4. What US State is home to Clemson University? South Carolina
  5. Who hosted the daily show before Jon Stewart? Craig Kilborn
  6. What country was Albert Einstein born in? Germany
  7. How many seconds are in one hour? 3,600
  8. What Harvard educated guitarist is best known for his work in the bands Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave. Tom Morello
  9. What famous Indian chief’s likeness is being carved into a mountain just 16 miles away from Mount Rushmore? Crazy Horse
  10. Which was the first city to be devastated by the dropping of an atomic bomb? Hiroshima

Washington DC

  1. What does the “DC” Stand for in Washington DC. District of Columbia
  2. What was the nickname of the informant who blew the lid off the Watergate scandal in 1972? Deep Throat
  3. Who was the first president to live in the white house? John Adams
  4. Actor Justin Theroux was born and raised in Washington DC.Who is Theroux set to marry? Jennifer Aniston
  5. Before Rob Ford in Toronto there was this former Washington DC Mayor who in 1990 was caught on tape smoking crack. He was reelected after that. Marion Barry
  6. What is the address of the White House? 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
  7. Born in Washington DC he is a mentor on the fashion reality show Project Runway and has two other shows on the Lifetime network and Bravo. Tim Gunn
  8. John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd are famous for terrorizing Washington DC in this year. When they killed 10 people via a sniper riffle from their car. Within 2 years. 2002
  9. The Eagles traded franchise QB Donovan McNabb in 2010 for a 2nd round pick. Who did they draft with that pick? Nate Allen
  10. This hit showtime series is set in Washington DC and follows CIA agent Carrie Matheson who finds terrorists and sometimes has affairs with them. Homeland

TIE BREAKER: How many career passing yards did Donovan McNabb have with the Redskins. 3377

Random Trivia

  1. NFL RB Ray Rice was released this past week by the Ravens for domestic assault. What college did Rice go to? Rutgers
  2. What is the state capital of Florida? Tallahassee
  3. Chicago River flows out of which great lake? Michigan
  4. How many soldiers were sent ot find Private Ryan in Saving Private Ryan? 8
  5. university of Maryland is going to wear uniforms with the words to the Star Spangled banner on them. Who wrote the star spangled banner? Francis Scott Key
  6. How much did LeSean McCoy tip a local waiter on Monday? 20 cents
  7. What was the first US city to have a public school system? Boston
  8. What is the name of the spear that struck Christ in the side when he was on the cross? Spear of destiny
  9. Which Leaders statue was pulled down in Red Square in 1991? Lennin
  10. What tech company announced a new phone, and a watch that basically does everything the phone does yesterday? Apple

Multiple Choice

  1. How many electoral votes did Barack Obama end up with at the end of the election? 291, 303, 306? 303
  2. How many floors are here in the empire state building; 166,73,102? 102
  3. The largest rhinoceros is the white rhino. The average eight of the animal is; 5900 lbs, 2300 lbs, 7700 lbs? 7700
  4. What is the population of Paris; 2.2 million, 3.8 million, 1.1 million? 2.2 million
  5. Actor Adrian Brody was the youngest actor ever to win an Academy Award when he did so for the Pianist. How old was he; 23,29,33? 29
  6. Eric Lindros had how many assists in his NHL career? 621, 493, 513? 493
  7. How many followers does Twitter have? 32 million, 17 million, 21 million? 32 million
  8. If you were caught possessing 100 grams or more of heroin, your mandatory minimum prison sentence would be what? 15 months, 2 year, 5 years? 5 years
  9. It is estimated that how many people nationally take part in fantasy football? 6 million, 19 million, 38 million? 19 million
  10. What percentage of people in the us are of Asian decent? 4.9 million, 6.6 million, 42 people? 4.9 million

TIE BREAKER: How many goals did Eric Lindros have in a Flyers jersey? 290


  1. The star of such movies as The Mummy, Bedazzled, and the scout was born in Indianapolis. Brendan Fraser
  2. Before he was writing best selling books like The Fault in Our Stars, and Paper Towns, he was a kid in Indianapolis. John Green
  3. Has there ever been a president from Indianapolis? Yes Benjamin Harrison
  4. This NBC comedy is set just outside of Indianapolis, with the cast making trips to Indy once in a while. Parks and Rec
  5. Ryan White was an Indianapolis kid who became the poster boy for which disease? After he was expelled from middle school for having it. AIDS
  6. The famous Indianapolis 500 is held in Indy every year. What type of drink does the winner always drink after winning the race? Milk
  7. This 2013 animated movie is about a snail who dreams of winning the Indianapolis 500. Turbo
  8. This Steven Spielberg 1977 movie is about a man from Indianapolis who’s life changes after an encounter with a UFO. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
  9. Sid Grumman, founder of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood is from Indy. Grauman’s Chinese Theatre was formally the home of what award show? Academy Awards
  10. The Indianapolis Colts took QB Andrew Luck with the 1st overall pick in 2012 draft out of Stanford. Before Luck, who was the last QB the Colts drafted in the 1st round from Stanford? Jon Elway

TIE BREAKER: How many miles is it from the Drake Tavern to the Colts stadium in Indy? 645 miles

 Random Trivia

  1. Name the four pitchers who pitched a combined no-hitter for the Phillies on Monday? Cole Hamels, Jake Diekman, Kenny Giles, Jonathan Papelbon
  2. What is the name of the prince in Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty”? Phillip
  3. The Gulf War occurred after Iraq invaded what country? Kuwait
  4. Who sculpted the statue of David possibly the most recognizable statue in the history of sculpture? Michelangelo
  5. What south American city does an 82 foot statue of Christ overlook? Rio De Janeiro
  6. What is a male witch called? Warlock
  7. Glen Frey and Don Henley were members of which band? The Eagles
  8. What do you call the thing that an archer carries his arrows in? A Quiver
  9. What is the one eyed giant of Greek Mythology? Cyclops
  10. What war saw the most Americans die? US Civil War


  1. Who is the mayor of Jacksonville Florida? Is it: Alvin Brown, Shane Ghostisbere, or Robert Hagg? Alvin Brown
  2. True or False, Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida by population? True!
  3. Who were the Jaguars #1 draft pick in this past years April NFL Draft? Blake Bortles
  4. The closer of the 1980 Phillies, who said NY can take this title & stick it, was from Jacksonville. Who was he? Tug McGraw
  5. Jamie Fox won the Oscar for best performance by a lead actor for portraying this singer who was from Jacksonville. Ray Charles
  6. Jacksonville has a good history of producing successful bands. Which one of these bands called Jacksonville home? Little River Band, Linkin Park, Lynyrd Skynrd? Lynyrd Skynrd
  7. This singer and actor is from Jacksonville Florida. He has been married to Faith Hill since 1996. Tim McGraw
  8. Jacksonville was founded in the 1700’s. What decade was it founded in? Bonus point if you get the exact year correct. 1791
  9. which one of these serial killers was from Jacksonville? Zodiac Killer, Son of Sam Killer, Casanova Killer? Casanova Killer. He is tied to the deaths of 18 people in 1974
  10. This winner of the 2007 Hessian Trophy is from Jacksonville Florida. He was drafted in the 1st round but is already out of the NFL. Tim Tebow

TIE BREAKER: How many career passing yards did Tim Tebow have in the NFL? 2,422

Random Trivia

  1. The Made in America festival is this weekend. What hip hop mogul started Made in America? Jay Z
  2. Who directed Apocalypse Now? Francis Ford Coppola
  3. What numbered Apollo was the first man mission to land on the moon? 11
  4. How many Supreme Court Justices are there? 9
  5. How Does James Bond like his Martini’s? Shaken, not stirred
  6. What alchoholic spirit is made from fermented molasses? Rum
  7. What color is a polar bears skin? Black
  8. On a standard monopoly board, what color are the chance cards? Orange
  9. What is tonights specialty drink?
  10. What is the name of the school in the 1989 movie Dead Poets Society? Welton Academy

Random Trivia:

  1. 1. The schedule for what sports league got released last week? NBA
  2. What Shakespeare play is set on Juanuary 5Th? Twelfth Night
  3. Within 7 years when was the emancipation proclamation enecated? Bonus point if you get the exact year. 1863
  4. What was the name attached to German submarines during WW2? U boats
  5. How many South American countries does the equator pass through? 3
  6. What was the number two movie in America this week? Guardians of the Galaxy
  7. What rock band is led by Michael Stipe? R.E.M.
  8. What beer is on special here at the Drake every Wednesday for $1.99? Bud Light
  9. How many Stars are there in Orions belt? 3
  10. What city is home to TV’s Golden Girls? Miami

The Letter G

  1. This professional saxophonist has been filling elevators with music since 1982. Kenny G
  2. Head coach of the Mighty Ducks in the Mighty Ducks movie Franchise? Gordon Bombay
  3. This Peninsula, located in Turkey, was the sight of a failed British invasion in World War 1 that ended up getting Winston Churchill fired. It was also the name of a 1981 film. Gallipoli
  4. This medical condition happens when recurring attacks of acute inflammatory arthritis happen to the base of the big toe. Gout
  5. This 1939 Cinnema classic which was set in the 19th century American south, was taken from a 1936 novel by Margaret Mitchell. Gone with the Wind
  6. Which one of the 5 boroughs of New York is the Gugenheim Museum located in? Manhattan
  7. This comedian, who was also a movie and tv star, is best known for his cigar, and his mustache. Groucho Marx
  8. Which 2 rappers had a hit in 2004 with “Aint Nothing but a G thang’? 1 point for each correct rapper. Snoop Dog, Dr Dre
  9. He started his career on the show 3rd rock from the Sun, but hes become one of Hollywoods biggest stars with roles in Dark knight Rises, and leading roles in Premium Rush and Don Jon. Joseph Gordon Levitt
  10. If you want to find Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, Daneyrs Targarian, and the hound, youd probably want to watch this. Game of Thrones

TIE BREAKER: In his last season with the Hawks, how many goals did Gordon Bombay score? 196

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