Final Jeopardy Questions

  1. US Landmarks. Which two great lakes meet at Niagara Falls? Ontario and Erie
  2.  jewelry. What element is a diamond made from? carbon
  3. Who was the last US President to be featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated? Bill Clinton
  4. Name the two states who outlawed pumping your own gas. New Jersey and Oregon
  5. What Writer’s pen name is Robert Galbraith? JK Rowling
  6. Amendments: What as the first state to ratify the 13th amendment which abolished slavery? Illinois
  7. Netflix was founded after its founder had a $40 late charge for this Tom Hanks Oscar nominated 90’s film. Apollo 13
  8. Within $100 how much is an Oscar trophy estimated to be worth? $150
  9. How many islands make up Hawaii? 8
  10. What is the only country that allows users making ATM transactions to do so in Latin? Vatican City
  11. Ben Franklin created the “bucket brigade” what was their purpose? Put out fires
  12. What is the philtrum? Little grove above your top lip, under your nose
  13. What is a male duck called? Drake
  14. What president has a 3 ton chunk of the Berlin wall in his presidential library? Regan
  15. What letter is the most frequently used in the English? E
  16. What major city in Texas was originally named Waterloo? Austin
  17. What is the last word in the bible? Amen
  18. Who was the oldest person to sign the declaration of independence? Benjamin Franklin
  19. What became the first National Park in the United States? Yellowstone
  20. Who is the Greek god of Victory? NIKE
  21. In the 1950’s the NFL experimented with what colored footballs? White
  22. What city was the FIRST US Mint constructed in? Philadelphia
  23. What was the last movie actor Gene Hackman appeared in? Welcome to Mooseport
  24. This famous song/poem was originally titled “The Battle of Fort McHenry” The Star Spangled Banner
  25. In game of monopoly, what is the 1st space after go?  Mediteranrean ave

4 comments on “Final Jeopardy Questions

  1. Thanks for your interest. trivia from the 1950’s, 60’s and possibly 70’s. The categories we have chosen are the bible, sports, Africa, inventions, presidents USA, flowers, movies/actors and America.

    • I will work on the Era’s. I have a bunch of president questions if you search “presidents” I have a few questions, also have the movie tabs. Presidents would be under the history tab, movies/actors would be under movie tab. Also a lot of my “This week in history” questions are questions from a WHILE ago. “THIS GANGSTER FROM THE 1920’S…” type things that you can simply take the day out and make it a regular trivia question

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