Famous George’s

  1. Cartoon that is based slightly on Tarzan. George of the jungle
  2. Who was the second president to be named George? George WH Bush
  3. He hit 714 HR in his baseball career. George Herman Ruth
  4. Known for rhapsody in blue. George Gershwin
  5. He is the reason we know what happened in a galaxy far far away. George Lucas
  6. This famous George, played this famous World War 2 general in a 1970 movie that won 7 Oscars. George C Scott played George Patton
  7. He was Jerry’s bald best friend on the show Seinfeld. George Costanza
  8. George Harrison was a guitarist in this music defining band. The Beatles
  9. He is famous for playing Sulu on Star Trek. George Takei
  10. He won 76 of his 81 fights but most people seem to know him because of his innovation in the food industry. George Forman.

TIE BREAKER: How many of George Foreman’s wins were by knockout? 68

What Historical figure said it?

  1. A house divided against itself can not stand. Abraham Lincoln
  2. A national debt, if it is not excessive, will be to us a national blessing. Alexander Hamilton
  3. The fight is never about grapes or lettuce. It is always about people. Ceaser Chavez
  4. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Franklin Roosevelt
  5. Any customer can have a car painted any color he wants so long as its black. Henry Ford
  6. Party in the city where the heat is on. All night on the beach till the break of dawn. Will Smith
  7. Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. JFK
  8. It’ll be the ballot or the bullet. It’ll be liberty or it’ll be death. Malcolm X
  9. Men, their rights and nothing more; Women, their rights and nothing less. Susan B Anthony
  10. There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women. Madeline Albright

TIE BREAKER: What would be the combined age of Teddy Roosevelt, Susan B Anthony and Abe Lincoln today? 560. (207 for Lincoln, 157 for Teddy, 196 for Susan B)

What happened first?

  1. Phillies franchise established OR Montana became a state? Phillies franchise
  2. Amelia Earhart goes missing or King Tut’s tomb was found? King Tut
  3. Harvard University was discovered or the Civil War ended. Harvard
  4. America put a man on the moon, Mohamed Ali won his first heavy weight title. Mohamed Ali won the heavy weight title
  5. Washington DC became the capital of the United States or George Washington Died? Washington DC became the capital
  6. The Beatles had their first #1 single in the US or the first color TV was sold. Color TV
  7. The IPhone went on sale or Twitter was founded? Twitter
  8. The Wright brothers took flight in Kitty Hawk OR Teddy Roosevelt became president? Teddy Roosevelt
  9. The Berlin wall came down or South Africa freed Nelson Mandela? Berlin Wall
  10. The Drake Tavern opened or LeBron James was drafted #1 overall in the NBA draft? Drake Tavern opened.

TIE BREAKER: What is the population of Washington DC? 672,228

Timeline in History

  1. In 334 BC this man began to build his empire. Alexander the great
  2. 44 BC this guy was killed. Should’ve listened to the soothsayer. Julius Ceaser
  3. Most kids think Jay Z released it in 2003 but in 1215 this was signed. Magna Carta
  4. In 1346 this spread through Europe killing about 50 million people. Black Plague
  5. In 1687 this man decided to publish this whacky theory on gravity. Isaac Newton
  6. In 1893 this country in the pacific was the first to let women vote. New Zealand
  7. In 1914 this person was shot, starting World War 1. Franz Ferdinand
  8. In 1917 he led the Bolshevik Revolution. Vladimir Lenin
  9. 1917 was the inaugural season for this sports league, considered one of the big four. NHL
  10. In 1969 this Apollo mission was the first to land on the moon. Apollo 11

TIE BREAKER: How many copies of the Magna Carta did Jay Z sell in his first week? 528,000

Cities Where it Happened

  1. End of the Civil War? Appomattox Virginia
  2. Birth place of Muhammad? Mecca
  3. The storming of the Bastilles? Paris
  4. Galileo drops two objects of different mass off the top of a building proving they fall at the same rate. Pisa
  5. Paul Revere alerted American forces to British Soldiers. Boston 
  6. Mob War sparks the St Valentines Day Masacre. Killing 14 people. Chicago
  7. Location of the last woodstock festival in 1999. Rome NY
  8. The first meeting of the congressional congress. Philadelphia 
  9. Martin Luther King announced that he had a dream. Washington DC.
  10. Ned Stark is sentenced to death by King Joffrey. Kings Landing
  11. TIE BREAKER: What was the population of Philadelphia in 1950? 2,071,605


  1. What was the name of the young Pokémon trainer that the TV show Pokémon followed? Ash Ketchum
  2. The TY company created what crazy popular collectable in the late 90’s? Beanie Babies
  3. This shoe was the hottest thing from 2006-2010 even though it was the ugliest thing you’ve ever seen. Can still find people rocking them on the Wildwood beach. Crocs
  4. The most sought after toy during the 1996 holiday season was this Sesame street stuffed animal. Tickle me Elmo
  5. This diet was all the rage in 2003-2004. The popularity happened shortly after its founder died having hit his head falling on ice. Atkins Diet
  6. In 2001 everyone was quoting the host of the weakest link as she let contestants know that they were the weakest link. Who was the host? Anne Robinson, Anne Rice, Danna Ruffin. Anne Robinson
  7. Before you could take care of Pokémon on your phone, in the mid 90’s kids had a pet on their keychain with this virtual pet that could die if you didn’t feed it and clean up after it.Tamagachi/Giga Pet
  8. This doll craze was originally called “Little People’ and came with a birth certificate. They changed their name to this in 1982 and it became a fad that swept the nation. Cabbage Patch Kids
  9. We could argue which teams jackets were the best, but in the 90’s this brands sports jackets had kids wearing teams jackets that they couldn’t care less about. Starter
  10. This decorative novelty item was huge in the 60’s and 70’s and while the name would make you think one thing, it was nothing more than colored wax and a translucent liquid. Lava Lamps

TIE BREAKER: How much money did Pokémon the first movie make in its opening weekend. $31,036,678


  1. First man on the moon? Neil Armstrong
  2. First QB to throw for 4000 yards in a season? Joe Nameth
  3. First person to refuse an Oscar? George C Scott for Patton
  4. The first brewery in America? Yuengling
  5. First person to swim from Cuba to Florida? Did so in 2013. Diana Nyad
  6. First person to run a 4 minute mile? Rodger Banister
  7. First person to sign the declaration of independence? John Hancock
  8. First goalie to be credited with scoring a goal? Billy Smith in 1979-80
  9. First solo transatlantic flight? Charles Lindbergh
  10. First female doctor in the united states? Elizabeth Blackwell


TIE BREAKER: How many interceptions did Joe Nameth hace in his career? 220

Williams Who Shaped History

  1. The 42nd president of the United States. Bill Clinton
  2. An American scout, medal of honor recipient and bison hunter and showman in the old west. Buffalo Bill
  3. Co-Founded Microsoft in 1975 with Paul Allen. Bill Gates
  4. A Christian evangelist who rose to celebrity status in 1949, he gave spiritual advice to several American presidents. Billy Graham
  5. Was the leader of the first rock and roll band who had a hit with rock around the clock and shake rattle and roll. Bill Haley
  6. A 5 time NBA MVP and 12 time All Star. The center piece of the Celtics dynasty. Bill Russell
  7. 25th president of the United States who was assassinated in 1901. William McKinley
  8. An early Quaker real estate entrepreneur who founded a province which later became a state. William Penn
  9. Born in Stratford upon Avon and was the creator of the Globe theatre. William Shakespere
  10. Was a Scottish knight who became a main leader during the Scottish was of independence. William Wallace

TIE BREAKER: How many total rebounds did Bill Russell have in his career? 21,620

December 25

  1. In 1223 this man, who is the patron saint of animals set up the first ever Nativity scene. St Francis of Assisi
  2. In 1492 Christopher Columbus’ main ship sunk. What ship was it? Santa Maria
  3. In 1996 this child beauty queen was murdered in her house at the age of 6. Who was she?Jean Benet Ramsey
  4. In 1995 this man, who was one of the leaders of the rat pack, died at the age of 78. Dean Martin
  5. In 1642 this man, who discovered gravity was born. Isaac Newton
  6. In 1831 which of these two states was one of the first to observe Christmas as a Holliday? Louisiana or Delaware. Louisiana
  7. In 1991 this man formally resigned as president of the USSR. Mikhail Gorbachev
  8. In 2006 the world lost the godfather of soul when he died of 73. James Brown
  9. 1946 the mayor of Margaritaville was born. Jimmy Buffett
  10. This guy was allegedly born in a manger on December 25. Jesus

TIE BREAKER: How many miles long is Louisiana? 379


  1. In 2015 this country became the first country to legalize same sex marriage. Ireland
  2. In June this FIFA president announced he would step down amid an FBI investigation and stories of corruption. Sepp Blater
  3. Caitlyn Jenner announced her new name on the cover of which magazine? Vanity Fair
  4. This 2015 Super fight finally took place in 2015 after years of speculation and certainly didn’t live up to the hype. Who were the fighters. Pacquiao VS Mayweather
  5. In January this satirical weekly magazine was attacked by two masked gunman in Paris.Charlie Hebdo
  6. This country was unable to pay its 1.5 billion euro debt, which resulted in its banks closing for six days. What country was it? Greece
  7. This Lion gained recognition after he was killed by a dentist from Minnesota. A local favorite in Zimbabwe, what was his name? Cecil
  8. This actor went on the Today show to announce that he was HIV positive and has been for several years. Charlie Sheen
  9. Time magazine named this chancellor of Germany as the Time person of the year. Angela Merkel
  10. This team won the Super Bowl in 2015 after a last second INT at the goal line. Patriots

TIE BREAKER: How many times has Manny Pacquioa knocked out an opponent? 38


  1. The 2002 Winter Olympics were held where? Salt Lake City
  2. The American Taliban plead guilty to aiding the enemy in July 2002. What was his name?John Walker Lindh
  3. the 2002 best picture went to this movie. Upon winning, the lead actor started walking on the seats. A Beautiful mind
  4. Who was the vice president in 2002? Dick Cheney
  5. Dave Thomas passed away in 2002. What fast food chain was he the founder of? Wendy’s
  6. In January of 2002 the first prisoners arrived at “Camp X-Ray” which is more commonly known as what? Guantanamo bay.
  7.  In 2002 HBO introduced us to McNaulty, Omar, Avon Barksdale and Stringer Bell with this show. The Wire
  8. Who was the Phillies opening day starter in 2002? Omar Daal, Robert Person, or Kevin Millwood? Robert Person
  9. Brittany Spears made her film debut in this Oscar winning movie in 2002 about three friends and their pact. Crossroads
  10. In October of 2002 a Sniper terrorized this city, killing 10 and wounding 3 others. Washington DC

TIE BREAKER: How much money did Crossroads make in its opening weekend. $17,014,226

The Bible

  1. He helped the slave escape Egypt under King Ramses, Moses
  2. Who was the apostle who betrayed Jesus for pieces of silver? Judas
  3. How did the three wise men find the 6 pound, 8 ounce, baby Jesus? Followed a star
  4. Who were the four evangelists? Mathew, Mark, Luke and John
  5. Who was the first Pope? St Peter
  6. What weapon did David use to defeat goliath? Sling Shot and Rock
  7. This guy had a coat of many colors. It was a very sought after coat. Joseph
  8. What is the first book in the bible? Genesis
  9. What was the name of the guy who sentenced Jesus to death. Pontius Pilate
  10. What is the name of the current pope? Francis

TIE BREAKER: How many books are there in the bible? 66


  1. Linda Tripp blew the lid off what scandal in the 90’s. Clinton Lewinsky scandal
  2. The 1998 Winter Olympics were held where? Nagano Japan
  3. This gay Wyoming student was fatally beaten in a hate crime in 1998. What was his name? Mathew Shepard
  4. This James Cameron movie became the highest grossing movie of all time. It has since been surpassed. Titanic
  5. In 1998 the World lost this Hoboken NJ native. He was an actor, singer and an original member of the Rat Pack. Frank Sinatra
  6. In 1998 this wonder pill hit the market and every women over the age of 45 rejoiced. Viagra
  7. Which horse won the 1998 Kentucky Derby? Real Quiet, Seabiscut, Mr Ed? Real Quiet
  8. In 1998 Pokémon was the craze among every kid. The catch phrase was “gotta catchem all” In 1998, if you were to “Catch Em All” how many Pokémon would you have? 151
  9. Brittany Spears burst onto the scene in 1998 with this hit song where she proclaimed that her loneliness was killing her. Hit me baby one more time
  10. Saving Private Ryan was one of the best movies of 1998. Tom Hanks played Captain Miller who before the war did what for a living? Teacher

TIE BREAKER: How many seconds long was Brittany Spears début album? 2,600

This Week in History

(August 30-September 5)

  1. August 30, 1905 this baseball Hall of Famer, who has the highest career batting average in history, made his début. Ty Cobb
  2. August 31, 1535 This king was excommunicated from the Church because he wanted to keep getting divorced. King Henry VIII
  3. September 1 2005 this man became the new commissioner of the NFL. Roger Goodell
  4. September 2, 1864 Union General William T Sherman captured and burned this major southern city. Atlanta
  5. September 3, 1783 the treaty of Paris was signed. What war did it end? American revolution
  6. September 4, 1998 the website backrub was founded. It eventually was renamed to this name, which has morphed into a verb. Google
  7. September 5, 2014 the World Health Organization 1,900 people have died from this virus that had everyone in America worried they were going to catch. Ebola
  8. September 2, 1973 Lord of the Rings author died. What was his name. J.R.R. Tolkien
  9. August 31, 1983 he starred at Valley Forge Military Academy before going to the University of Pitt and lighting it up. He was the 3rd overall pick in the 2004 NFL draft by the Cardinals, who is he? Larry Fitzgerald
  10. September 4, 2006 this man was killed by a stingray barb. Krikey, who is he? Steve Irwin

TIE BREAKER: How many hits did Ty Cobb have in his final season? 114

This Week in History:

(July 26-Aug 1)

  1. July 27,  1990 NBA Hall of Famer Patrick Ewing got married. Patrick Ewing was drafted out of what college? Georgetown
  2. July 27, 1968 a race riot took place in the hometown of Michael Jackson. Garry Indiana
  3. July 28, 1914 Archduke Franz Ferdinand was killed starting World War 1. Where was Franz Ferdinand the Archduke of? Austria
  4. July 28, 1866 This English author, known for her children series “Tale of Peter Rabbit” is born. Beatrix Potter
  5. July 29, 1921 he became the leader of the national socialist german workers party. Hitler
  6. July 29, 1883 Facist Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini was born. Before he became the Italian Dictator what did Musolini do for a living? Journalist
  7. Today, 1898 Will Kellogg invented this breakfast staple. Corn Flakes
  8. Today in 2007 Britney Spears divorced this man due to irreconcilable differences after 2 years of marriage? Kevin Federline
  9. July 31, 1498 this famous explorer, on his 3rd voyage, discovered Trinidad. Christopher Columbus
  10. July 31, 1966 Alabamans burned beatles records because John Lennon said the Beatles were bigger than whom? Jesus

TIE BREAKER: How many career blocks did Patrick Ewing have? 2894

Which Founding Father

  1. Which founding father died on July 4th? Thomas Jefferson
  2. Had his famous “give me liberty or give me death” speech during his opposition to the stamp act of 1765? Patrick Henry
  3. Was the second president of the United States? John Adams
  4. Born in Boston in 1722 he is best known for beer rather than being a founding father. Samuel Adams
  5. Legend has it he signed his name so large on the declaration of independence because he wanted king George to be able to see it without putting on his glasses. John Hankcook
  6. Wanted the national bird to be a turkey. His other ideas were pretty good though, like bifocals, and the fire department. Ben Franklin
  7. He was the first secretary of the treasury, set up the nations first financial system. Such acts landed him on US Currency. Alexander Hamilton
  8. You can go visit this founding father at his final resting place in Mount Vernon Virgina. George Washington
  9. He wrote the declaration of independence in a bar. Thomas Jefferson
  10. As the fourth president he supervised the Louisiana purchase. Hes also got a university named after him in Harisburg Virgina. James Madison

TIE BREAKER: What year did the Thomas Jefferson $2 bill begin getting printed? 1862

This Week In History

(June 16-June 21)

  1. June 16th 1858 this man said “a house divided against itself cannot stand. Abraham Lincoln
  2. June 16th 2013: Justin Rose wins the 113th US Open which was held at which golf course? Merion
  3. June 17th 1992 the Philadelphia 76ers traded PF Charles Barkley to which team? Bonus point if you name the players they acquired in the trade. Suns Jeff Hornacek, Andrew Lang, Tim Perry
  4. June 17th 1972 5 men were arrested for burglarizing the democratic party head quarters located where? Watergate
  5. June 18th 1682 this US city was founded, and would play a major role in United States history. Philadelphia
  6. June 18th 1873 this leader in womens temperance was fined $100 for voting for president? Susan B Anthony
  7. June 19th 1943 the Eagles and Steelers merged teams. What was the team called? Steagles
  8. June 19th 2012 a man in Saudi Arabia, NOT Salem Massachusetts, was beheaded for this. Witchcraft and sorcery
  9. June 20, 1985 this Serbian basketball player was born. He would later go on to become the 2nd overall pick in the 2003 NBA draft. 1 pick behind Lebron, and 1 pick before Carmello Anthony. Darko Millicic
  10. June 21, 1982 this man was found not guilty in the assassination attempt of President Ronald Regan. John Hinkley

TIE BREAKER: how many rebounds did Charles Barkley have between 1985 and 1990? 4866

This Week In History

(April 20-April 26)

  1. Today, 2004 Former football player Pat Tillman, who joined the military after 9/11, died from friendly fire. What NFL team did Tillman play for? Arizona Cardinals
  2. Today, 1994 Former President Richard Nixon died of a stroke. For 1 point each name the two journalists that unearthed the Watergate scandal. Carl Bernstein, Bob Woodward
  3. April 23 in 1861 this confederate General during the American Civil War was named commander of the Virginia confederate forces. Who is he? Robert E Lee
  4. April 23, 1954 This director, known for movies such as Bowling for Columbine, and Sicko was born. Who is he? Michael Moore
  5. April 24, 1907 Hershey Park was opened. True or false, Milton Hershey set up a town in Cuba called Hershey Cuba? True
  6. April 24, 1961 President JFK accepted sole responsibility for this unsuccessful invasion. Bay of Pigs
  7. April 25, 1886 this man, known as the father of psychology, opened up a practice in Vienna. Sigmeund Freud
  8. April 25 1978 The Phillie Fanatic made his debut. What famous puppeteer created the fanatic? Jim Henson
  9. April 26, 1961 Yankee Rodger Maris hit his first homerun in his record setting year. Within 1, how many HRs did Maris hit that year to break Babe Ruth’s record? 61
  10. April 26, 1514 Famous astronomer Copernicus first viewed this planet. Saturn

TIE BREAKER: How far is Saturn from Earth? 746 Million miles

Famous quotes:

  1. What original American badass said Speak Softly but Cary a big stick – Teddy Rosevelt
  2. What world leader said “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”- Winston Churchill
  3. What coach said “When my time on Earth is gone, and my activities here are past, I want them to bury me upside down, and my critics can kiss my ass.” – Bobby Knight
  4. What ladies man said I did not have sextual relations with that woman – Bill Clinton
  5. What famous uncle said with great power comes great responsibility – Uncle Ben from Spider Man
  6. Which poet said “do not go gentle into that good night” – Dylan Thomas
  7. Which fictional baseball catcher said “sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes it rains” Crash Davis
  8. Which former president said ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country? JFK
  9. Which influential singer said love the life you live, live the life you love? Bob Marley
  10. What coach said “If winning isn’t everything, why do we keep score? Vince Lombardi

TIE BREAKER: How many career losses did Bobby Knight Have? 371


  1. This president owned a model T car but was too fat to fit into it. Also well known for getting stuck in a bath tub. William Taft
  2. If you watched Seinfeld you’d know that Martin Van Buren was what numbered president? Eighth
  3. This president was sworn into office on Air Force one after JFK was assassinated in Dallas. Lyndon B Johnson
  4. This president made it his mission for Manifest Destiny. The idea that America was destined to conquer the land from the Atlantic to the pacific ocean. James K Polk
  5. True or False. Franklin Pierce was a president? True (14th)
  6. For 1 point each, name all three women that President Bill Clinton had affairs with? Paula Jones, Jennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky.
  7. This president was the head of the rough riders, and its well known he was the first American Bad Ass in history. Teddy Roosevelt
  8. JFK beat whom to become the 35th president of the United States (hint he later became president) Richard Nixon
  9. What presidents home was called Monticello
  10. What does the S in Harry S Truman stand for? S. It stands for S. That’s it

TIE BREAKER: How many votes did Obama get in 2012? 69.4 million

This Week in History

(January 18-January 24)

  1. January 18: In what year did Martin Luther King Day get observed as a Holliday by all 50 states for the first time? Within 3 years, bonus point if you get it exactly right. 1993
  2. January 19, 1977: The UCLA Bruins lost for the first time in 4 years to Notre Dame, snapping their winning streak. How many games did they win in a row (within 4) 88
  3. January 20, 1945: This president was sworn in for an unprecedented 4th term as president. Franklin Roosevelt
  4. Today, 1977 this President pardons almost all Vietnam War draft evaders. Jimmy Carter
  5. January 22, 1953 this play by Arthur Miller, about the Salem witch trials, but based off McCarthyism, premièred in NYC. Crucible
  6. January 23, 1853 this figure in American history was baptized. No word if he yelled “Sic Semper Terranus” when he hit the water. John Wilkes Booth
  7. January 24, 1941 Neil Diamond was born. He is the third most successful adult contemporary artist on the billboard charts behind these two artists. (5 points for each artist) Elton John, Barbara Stresiand
  8.  January 22, 2010 this late night host said so long to the Tonight Show gig. Conan O’Brien
  9. January 19, 1971 this play, which is best known for being funded by the Red Sox owner after they sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees, opens in NY. No No Nanette
  10. January 18. 1955 This actor, known for such movies as bull Durham, the Postman, Field of Dreams, Waterworld, and the untouchables, was born. Kevin Costner.

TIE BREAKER: After it started in NY in 1971 how many performances did No No Nanette make? 861

This Week in History

(November 30 – December 6)

  1. November 30, 1993 President Clinton signed the bill that required background checks for gun purchases. What is the bill called? Brady Bill
  2. December 1, 1835 this author, known for such works as the Little Mermaid, The ugly duckling, and the emperors new clothes, published his first book of fairy tales. Hans Christian Anderson
  3. December 2, 1995. After being left in the game to allow 9 goals, this Hall of Fame goalie turned to the owner and declared “this is my last game in Montreal.” He was traded to Colorado a few days later. Patrick Roy
  4.  December 3rd 1963 This local women was born she would be the subject of national debate in 2005 because while she was in a persistent vegetative state her parents refused to remove her feeding tube. It was finally removed in 2005 by order of the court. What was her name. Terry Schiavo
  5. December 4, 1969 Shawn Carter was born. He would go on to become one of the most influential men in hip hop while using this name. Jay Z
  6. December 5, 1840 This former political leader received a French state funeral in Paris 19 years after his death. Napoleon
  7. December 6, 1956 before he won a Nobel Peace Price, and became president of his home country, he, along with 156 others, were arrested for political activities in South Africa. Nelson Mandela
  8. December 2, 1993 this Colombian drug lord was shot to death at the age of 44. Pablo Escobar
  9. November 30, 2013 this actor ironically dies in a car accident after being known for his work in the fast and the furious franchise. Paul Walker
  10. December 5, 1978 This key figure of the “Big Red Machine” signed a 4 year, $32 million dollar contract with the Phillies becoming the highest paid player in baseball. Pete Rose

TIE BREAKER: How many times did Pete Rose strike out? 1143

This Week in History

(November 2 – November 8)

  1. November 2, 1948 in one of the biggest political upsets ever. President Harry Truman was re-elected in an upset over this republican candidate. Thomas Dewey
  2. November 3, 1989 Lou Pinellas is named manager of the Reds, replacing their former manager who was banned for gambling on baseball. Who was their former manager? Pete Rose
  3. November 4, 2008 This man became the first Afrian American to be elected president of the United States Barack Obama
  4. Today 1492 Christopher Columbus learns of maize from Indians in Cuba. What is maize? Corn
  5. November 6, 1988 actress Emma Stone was born. Her breakout role was in this 2007 teen comedy. Superbad
  6. November 7, 1991 This LA Lakers announces that he will retire because hes got HIV Magic Johnson
  7. November 7 is singer Ell Marina Lane Yelich-O’Connor’s birthday. She is more commonly referee to as Lorde. How old will she be on the 7th? 18
  8. November 4, 1922 Howard Carter, an archeologist, discovers the tomb of this king of Egypt. King Tut
  9. Today in 1773 John Hancock moderated a town hall meeting in Boston where it was resolved that anyone who was in favor of taxing this was an enemy to America. Tea
  10. November 3 1987 San Francisco 49ers QB Collin Kaepernick was born. What college did Kaepernick go to? Nevada

TIE BREAKER: How many INT has Collin Kaepernick thrown in his career? 16

.Infamous Individuals

  1. For this Milwaukee man, murdering 17 men wasnt QUITE enough. He got hungry and decided to start eating them too. Who is he? Jeffrey Dahmer
  2. This San Diego man murdered his wife Laci, who was pregnant with his child, in December 2002. Scott Pederson
  3. Ariel Castro was a sick man from Cleveland who kept three women kidnapped in his house from 2002 until 2013 when this girl escaped and was able to call the police. Amanda Berry
  4. Charles Manson’s Manson family murdered Sharon Tate in 1969. Tate was the wife of this director who is known for such works as Rosemary’s Baby, and the Pianist. Roman Polanski
  5. The novel Dracula was inspired by this 15th century Prince of Wallachia.Vlad the impaler
  6. James Whitey Burger was an organized crime leader in Boston. His life was the inspiration for this Marin Scorsese movie. The Departed
  7. He killed American tourist Natalie Holloway in Aruba and then 5 years later to the day killed  Peruvian girl. Jordan Van der Sloot
  8. He is still on the lose from the authorities after he killed two Pennsylvania state troopers in early September. Eric Frien
  9. Nicknamed “Dr Death” this man was arrested in 1999 for his direct role with voluntary euthanasia and was convicted of second degree murder. Jack Kevorkian
  10. She claimed that her two year old daughter Caylee went missing but did not report the incident for 31 days. Even with all the evidence she was found not guilty of first degree. Murder in 2011. Casey Anthony

TIE BREAKER: how old was Charles Manson on March 7th 1979? 44

This Week in History

(October 12- October 19)

  1. October 12 is the anniversary of the first ever Columbus day. In what century was it first celebrated? Bonus point if you get the year right. 1792
  2. October 12, 1901 Teddy Roosevelt renamed the “executive mansion” to this. The White House
  3. October 13, 1993 The Phillies beat this team in the NLCS to head on to the world series. Atlanta Braves
  4. October 14, 2003 In the NLCS Chicago Cubs outfielder couldn’t reach a foul ball because this guy, a Cubs fan, knocked it away. This turned the luck towards the Marlins who went on to win the World Series. Steve Bartman
  5. October 15, 1924 President Calvin Coolidge declared this gift from France a national monument. Statue of Liberty
  6. October 16, 1992 author JK Rowling got married. Rowling is best known for what book series? Harry Potter
  7. October 17, 1972 rapper Eminem was born. What is Eminem’s real name? Marshal Mathers
  8. October 18 1939 President John F Kennedy’s killer was born. What was his name? Lee Harvey Oswald
  9. October 18 Dr’s Watson & Crick win the Nobel Prize for medicine for their work in determining the structure of what? DNA
  10. October 14, 1982 President Ronald Reagan proclaimed a war against what? Drugs

Tie Breaker: How many pages is Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Hardcover? 341

This Week in History

(September 29-October 5)

  1. September 29, 1916 this New York oil industrialist became America’s first billionaire. John D Rockefeller
  2. September 30, 1988 This man murdered 2 more women in Whitechapel London. Jack the Ripper
  3. Today, 1908 Henry Ford introduced the Model T car. How much did it cost? (within $125 dollars) $825
  4. October 2, 1803 this US Revolutionary politician died. His memory however lives on in bars around the world. Samuel Adams
  5. October 3, 1992 Singer Sinead O’Connor rips up a picture of this man on Saturday Night Live. Pope John Paul II
  6. October 4, 1854 this man made his 1st political speech at the Illinois State Fair. Abraham Lincoln
  7. October 5, 1902 Ray Kroc was born. Kroc is the founder of what popular fast food chain? McDonalds
  8. October 5, 2004 this actor/comedian, who never thought he got any respect, died. Rodney Dangerfield
  9. October 3, 1969 Singer Gwen Stefani was born. What popular ska band was she the lead singer of? No Doubt
  10. Today in 2004 Ichiro Suzuki, playing for this team, gets his 258th hit of the season breaking the single season record. Seattle Mariners

TIE BREAKER: How many hits did Ichiro Suzuki have in Japan? 1278

American Citizenship Test

  1. Where does Congress meet? Capitol in Washington DC
  2. Who becomes President if the President and Vice President die? Speaker of the house of representatives
  3. What country did we fight during the revolutionary war? England
  4. Can the constitution be changed? Yes
  5. How many times may a senator be reelected? There is no limit
  6. What are the two major political parties in the US Today? Republicans Democrats
  7. What did the emancipation proclamation do? Outlawed slavery
  8. Who selects the supreme court justices? The President
  9. Name three rights or freedoms guaranteed by the bill of rights (1 point for each).
    1. The right of freedom of speech, press, religion, peaceable assembly and requesting change of government.
    2. The right to bear arms (the right to have weapons or own a gun, though subject to certain regulations).
    3. The government may not quarter, or house, soldiers in the people’s homes during peacetime without the people’s consent.
    4. The government may not search or take a person’s property without a warrant.
    5. A person may not be tried twice for the same crime and does not have to testify against him/herself.
    6. A person charged with a crime still has some rights, such as the right to a trial and to have a lawyer.
    7. The right to trial by jury in most cases.
    8. Protects people against excessive or unreasonable fines or cruel and unusual punishment.
    9. The people have rights other than those mentioned in the Constitution.
    10. Any power not given to the federal government by the Constitution is a power of either the states or the people.
  10. What are the colors of the American Flag? Red White & Blue

TIE BREAKER: how many people became US Citizens in 2010? 675,967

This Week In History (Sept 7-13)

  1. September 7, 1963: The pro football Hall of Fame opened where? Canton Ohio
  2. September 8, 1994 at the MTV awards featured these newlyweds of the music industry. Lisa Marie Presley Michael Jackson
  3. September 9, 1955: Elvis Presley made his 1st appearance on this hit variety show. The Ed Sullivan Show
  4. Today 1949: author and political TV host Bill O’Reilly is born. Is O’Reilly considered conservative or liberal? Conservative
  5. September 11 1931 Salvatore Marazano is murdered by gangster Charles Luciano. What was Charles Luciano’s nickname? Lucky
  6. September 12, 2003 singer Johnny Cash died. What actor played Johnny Cash in the movie “Walk the Line”? Joaquin Phoenix
  7. September 13, 1857: Milton S Hershey was born. What was the original name of Hershey PA? Cork, Derry, Alderson? Derry
  8. September 7, 1978 rock drummer Keith Moon died. What influential band did Moon play drums for? The Who
  9. September 8, 1986 The Oprah Winfrey show is first broadcast nationally. What city did they tape the Oprah Winfrey show in? Chicago Illinois
  10. September 10, 1997 Burgess Meredith died. Meredith is best known for playing what movie role that every Philadelphian should know. Mickey from Rocky

TIE BREAKER: How much did Rocky 3 make on its opening weekend? $16,015,408


  1. This type of currency was established in 1999. Euro
  2. A Michigan jury finds this doctor guilty of second degree murder for administering a lethal injection to a terminally ill man. Jack Kevorkian
  3. Wayne Gretzky retired from the NHL in 1999. What was the name of the WHL team he played on? Indianapolis Racers
  4. This American poet, known for such books as The Giving Tree and Where the Sidewalk Ends, passes away in May of 99. Shel Silverstein
  5. This professional wrestler died in 1999 after an equipment malfunction at the WWE’s Pay Per View “over the edge”. Owen Hart
  6. Star Wars episode 1 hit the big screen in 1999. Out of the six Star Wars movies which one was the highest grossing box office take? Star Wars episode 1
  7. This famous film critic passed away in 1999 at the age of 53. Gene Siskel
  8. Lance Armstrong won his first ever Tour De France in 1999. How many did the cheater win in total? 7
  9. His plane disappeared off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard on July 16th. He was with his wife and sister in law. JFK Jr
  10. The most popular interview in 1999 was the first televised interview of Monica Lewinsky. Who conducted the interview? Barbara Walters

TIE BREAKER: How many people tuned in for the 20/20 interview of Monica Lewinsky? 48.5 million

This Week In History

  1. August 17, 1933 Lou Gehrig played a record 1308th consecutive game. What disease did he die of? ALS
  2. August 17, 1946 Writer George Orwell published this classic book in the United Kingdom. Animal Farm
  3. August 18, 1590 the governor of this Virgina colony returned from England to find that the entire colony had disappeared without a trace. Roanoke
  4. August 18, 1969 Woodstock ended. What musician was the final act? Jimmi Hendrix
  5. August 19,1849 the New York Herald reported that this was found in California. Gold
  6. August 19, 1951. This now defunct baseball team sent a midget up to bat in an MLB game. 1 point for the team, 1 point for the midgets name, 1 point for his jersey number. St Louis Browns, 1 /78, Eddie Gadel
  7. Today, 1915, The White Sox obtained outfielder Joe Jackson from Cleveland. What was his nickname? Shoeless Joe
  8. Today in 1974 this man took over the presidency after Richard Nixon resigned. Gerald Ford
  9. August 21, actress Kim Catrell was born. What was the name of Catrells character on Sex in the City? Samantha
  10. August 22, 1921 He became the first director of the FBI. J Edgar Hoover

TIE BREAKER: How many episodes did Sex in the City have? 96

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