I give you the school, you give me the team name

  1. South Dakota State. Jack rabbits
  2. Temple University. Owls
  3. Yale University. Bulldogs
  4. Texas A&M. Aggies
  5. St Josephs University. Hawks
  6. Virginia Commonwealth University. Rams
  7. University of Southern California. Trojans
  8. Weber State. Wildcats
  9. University of Connecticut. Huskies
  10. Austin Peay State University. Governors.

TIE BREKER: How many people applied to Austin Peay last year? 3,605

Sixer, Phillie, or Flyer?

  1. TJ Bohn – Phillies
  2. Spencer Hawes – Sixers
  3. -Shavlick Randolph – Sixers
  4. Jeff Hackett – Flyers
  5. Kane Davis – Phillies
  6. Zach Rinaldo – Flyers
  7. Jodie Meeks – Sixers
  8. Joe Blaton – Phillies
  9. Robert Esche – Flyers
  10. JD Durbin – Phillies

TIE BREAKER: – How many career at bats did TJ Bohn have in his career? 19

Who were they traded for?

  1. Ricky Ledee and Alfredo Simon? Felix Rodriguez
  2. Omar Daal, Travis Lee, Nelson Figueroa, and Vicente Padilla? Curt Schilling
  3. Jason Donald, Lou Marson, Carlos Carrasco, and Jason Knapp? Cliff Lee
  4. Andrew Barb, and Andrew Baldwin? Jamie Moyer
  5. Mike Timlin, Placido Polanco, and Bud Smith? Rolen and Doug Nickle
  6. Domingo Santana, Jared Cosart, Jonathan Singleton and Josh Zeid? Hunter Pence
  7. Rick Wise? Steve Carlton
  8. Adam Eaton, Carlton Loewer and Steve Montgomery? Andy Ashbee
  9. Mike Costanzo, Michael Bourn and Geoff Geary? Brad Lidge
  10. Kyle Drabek, Michael Taylor, and Travis D’Arnaud? Roy Halladay

TIE BREAKER: How many strike outs does Roy Halladay and Steve Carlton have combined? Carlton has 4136 and Halladay has 2117 for a total of 6253


(Name what league they were drafted in & 1 point for the team that drafted them)

  1. Jerome Iginla? NHL Dallas Stars
  2. Thabo Sefalosha? NBA Sixers
  3. Pete Marivich? NBA Atlanta Hawks
  4. Patrick O’Bryant? NBA Golden State
  5. Nathan McKinnon? NHL Avalanche
  6. Robert Swift? NBA Seattle
  7. Brett Hull? Calgary
  8. Max Paccioretty? NHL Montreal
  9. Ryan Callahan? NHL Rangers
  10. Anthony Bennett? NBA Cleveland

TIE BREAKER: How many 3 pointers did Pete Marivich make in his career? 10


  1. How many World Series titles have the Phillies won? Bonus point if you give me the years: 2 1980. 2008
  2. In the 1993 World Series, this Blue Jay hit the game winning HR of Mitch Williams in game 6 to win the World Series. Joe Carter
  3. The Phillies changed their name in the 1940’s for two years to this name. The Blue Jays
  4. Where is the Phillie Phanatic allegedly from? The Galapogos island
  5. Who was the last Phillies player to win an MVP award? Jimmy Rollins in 2007
  6. Phillies current manager Ryne Sandberg was a former player who was drafted by the Phillies before he was traded to this team, where he had a HOF Career. Cubs
  7. The Phillies franchise has been around since the 1800’s. what decade was the team formed? Bonus point if you get the year right: 1883
  8. In 2011 the Philadelphia Union had a player who had the same name as this Phillies starter. What was his name? Carlos Ruiz
  9. The Phillies have 3 statues located directly outside of Citizens Bank Park, what are they? 1 point each for each correct answer. Steve Carlton, Robin Roberts, Mike Schmidt
  10. Within 10, How many HRs does Mike Schmidt have in his career? Bonus point if you get it exactly right. 548

TIE BREAKER: How many strikeouts did Steve Carlton have in his career? 3031

2015 NCAA Teams

(I name the mascot you name the school)

  1. Blue Devils Duke
  2. Shockers Wichita State
  3. Buckeyes Ohio State
  4. Wildcats Villanova
  5. Sooners Oklahoma
  6. Lumberjacks Stephen F Austin
  7. Badgers Wisconsin
  8. Fighting Irish Notre Dame
  9. Crusaders Valparaiso
  10. Pirates Hampton

TIE BREAKER: How many total undergrads are there at Villanova? 7,118

The Super Bowl:

  1. Who won the first ever Super Bowl? Green Bay packers
  2. Who was the last Eagles WR to catch a TD Pass in the Super Bowl? Greg Lewis
  3. What was the name of the Buffalo Bills kicker who missed wide right. Costing the Bills Super Bowl 25? Scott Norwood
  4.  What was the name of the former Penn State QB who filled in for an injured Phil Simm’s and led the Giants to a Super Bowl victory in Super Bowl 25? Jeff Hostetler
  5. Who was the first black QB to win the Super Bowl? Doug Williams
  6. Who was the first white QB to win the Super Bowl? Bart Starr
  7. What was the name of the Giants WR who caught a pass on his helmet  keeping the drive alive which led to the New York Giants upsetting the New England Patriots? David Tyree
  8. Who was the first team to lose 4 Super Bowls? Minnesota Vikings
  9. Who was the Super Bowl MVP in last years Super Bowl? Malcolm Smith
  10. What city was the first cold weather city to get the Super Bowl? Detroit

TIE BREAKER: What was the attendance for Super Bowl 39? 78,125

College Football

  1. What is Villanova’s mascot? Bonus point if you tell me what number Brian Westbrook wore when he played there. Wildcats, 25
  2. What is San Diego States mascot? Bonus point if you tell me who is the only NFL hall of famer to come from San Diego State? Aztecs, Marshall Faulk
  3. What is University of Miami’s mascot? Bonus point if you tell me how many interceptions Vinny Testaverde threw in the fatigues game? Hurricanes, 5
  4. What is Penn States mascot? Bonus point if you tell me the name of the last QB who was drafted out of Penn State. Nittany Lions, Michael Robinson
  5. What is the name of the University of Maryland’s mascot? Bonus point if you tell me what QB led the University of Maryland back from a 31-0 deficit against the University of Miami to win the game. Terrapins, Frank Reich
  6. What is the name of the Rutgers mascot? Bonus point if you tell me what is the name of the defensive tackle who was paralyized in 2010 game. Scarlett Knights, Eric Legrand
  7. What is the name of the University of Notre Dame’s mascot? Bonus point if you tell me why they should’ve thrown a flag on Rudy? Fighting Irish, He was off sides
  8. What is the name of the University of North Carolina’s mascot? Bonus point if you tell me who was drafted 2nd overall in the 81 NFL draft out of the University of North Carolina? Tar Heels, Lawrence Taylor
  9. What is the name of Fresno State’s mascot? Bonus point if you tell me the last, and possibly the only starting QB to play in the Super Bowl? Bulldogs, Trent Dilfer
  10. What is the name of Scottsdale Community College’s mascot? (Worth 2 points) Fighting Artichokes

TIE BREAKER: How many passing yards did Frank Reich have in his first 7 seasons in the NFL? 1819

Philly Sports

  1. What number is Flyers Captain Claude Giroux? Bonus point if you tell me what Quebec Junior Major Hockey League team he played for? 28 Gatinue Olympiques
  2.  Who is the current starting QB for the Philadelphia Eagles? Bonus point if you tell me what high school he went to? Nick Foles, West Lake High School
  3. He was the Phillies starting third basemen from 1972 to 1989? Bonus point if you tell me exactly how many HRs he had in his career. Mike Schmidt, 548
  4. What is the name of the stadium that the Philadelphia Union play in? Bonus point if you tell me who was the organizations first ever draft pick? Danny Mwanga 
  5. He was the first overall pick by the Philadelphia 76ers in the 1996 NBA draft, bonus point if you tell me what was his rap name? Allen Iverson Jewlez
  6. How many Stanley Cups have the Flyers won? Bonus point if you can tell me what is the name of Bobby Clarke’s home town. 2 Flin Flon Manitoba 
  7. What is Eagles RB LeSean McCoy’s nickname? Bonus point if you tell me what college he originally committed to before backing out & going to Pitt. Shady, U of Miami
  8. Who was the last Sixer to win NBA rookie of the Year? Bonus point if you tell me where he was drafted (what pick) michael Carter Williams 11 
  9. What is the name of the Phillies Mascot? Bonus point if you tell me what the Phillies changed their name to in the 40’s. Phillie Fanatic a Blue Jays
  10. Who did the Eagles lose to in Super Bowl 39? Bonus point if you tell me who was the WR who caught the last Eagles TD in SB 39, & what college did he go to. Patriots, Greg Lewis, Illinois

TIE BREAKER: how many rushing yards did LaSean McCoy have in his first two years in the NFL? 1717                             

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