3 comments on “The Bible

  1. #2 – Every apostle betrayed Jesus, Peter, three times before the cock crowed. Judas was the only one who felt badly enough about it to commit suicide.
    #3 – Where in the Bible does it give Christ’s birth weight?
    #6 – The weapon used was one of 7 smooth stones (hardly a rock), and a SLING! Inner tubes had not been invented to make slingshots.

    • #1 – Thats why I put “and took pieces of silver” to clarify it was judas

      #3 if a reference to the Will Farrell movie Talladega Nights

      #6 youre REALLY nit picking if we are breaking down stones and rocks.

      • The Bible says ‘seven smooth stones’, not rocks, and I was breaking down the difference between a sling, and a slingshot.
        If you’re quoting Will Farrell and not The Good Book, then this truly is trivial. 😦

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